New to Sky Box Sets in August

Sky Box Sets will premiere season three of The Expanse on August 2.

IndieWire called the opening episodes “a nearly seamless continuation of what happened in Season 2.

“Nearly every character’s journey goes on as if there were no break to speak of. Structurally, it’s not how we conventionally break down seasons of television, and at times it can feel a bit unceasing.

“The simplest way to summarise what happens is ‘more of the same,’ which feels dismissive but is intended as anything but — while the drama could be more heightened, there’s a sense that The Expanse has found a groove.”

Next month it also will screen for the first time complete box sets of Sons of Anarchy and The Borgias.

Screening in order of their transmission will be:

  1. The Arrangment S2
  2. The Expanse S3
  3. Silicon Valley S1 & S2
  4. Silicon Valley S3 & S4
  5. Westworld S1
  6. Sons of Anarchy S1
  7. Sons of Anarchy S2
  8. Sons of Anarchy S3
  9. Sons of Anarchy S4
  10. Sons of Anarchy S5
  11. Sons of Anarchy S6
  12. Sons of Anarchy S7
  13. Riviera S1
  14. Banshee S1
  15. Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll S1
  16. The Messengers S1
  17. Girls S1
  18. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S1a
  19. Fargo S1
  20. The Messengers S1
  21. Banshee S2
  22. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S1a
  23. The Borgias S1
  24. Girls S2
  25. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S1b
  26. Fargo S2
  27. The Borgias S1
  28. Banshee S3
  29. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S1b
  30. The Borgias S2
  31. Girls S3.
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4 Responses to “New to Sky Box Sets in August”

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    July 16, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    I swear Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll been on box sets for at least 4 times now. It apears to me that this is largely a repeat channel. Can’t count how many are repeat channels on Sky.

  2. Quite right! Sky Box Sets is mostly a recycling channel, save for a handful of second-tier premieres, that’s designed to promote sampling of predominantly SoHo content in a bid to boost subscriptions. It rewards newer customers with a premium content catch-up service while betraying loyal subscribers who have already paid through the nose for this content by merely serving up more of the same in different packaging. It also helps to amortise Sky’s acquisitions budget.

  3. Why does Sky broadcast in the fake 1440 by 1080 resolution and not the standard 1920 by 1080? Tell them to match or be better than the free to air channels. No way it’s fair they to be allowed to broadcast at a lower quality than free to air TV on PAID TELEVISION, this includes the horrible Sky Go in blurry definition.

  4. Asking Sky about the HD for ThreeLife, Maori TV and TVNZ Duke. Their claim: “to receive the channels you’ve listed in HD, you’ll need the UHF aerial. As Sky broadcasts through satellite they are not available in HD.” Could you do any better?

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