New to Sky Box Sets in January

Sky will screen The Wire in HD for the first time when the ground-breaking police drama returns next month on the Sky Box Sets beat.

The original 4:3 series was remastered in HD for a stunning Blu-ray release a couple of years ago and is one of several HBO series that first screened in SD that have been redelivered to Sky in HD.

Another outstanding crime drama from the same era, The Shield, also has been remastered in HD and looks amazing on TVNZ OnDemand compared to the SD version on Amazon Prime Video.

It will scrub up even better for its December 18 US Blu-ray release.

Thanks to a new patented process, the entire series has undergone a 4K transfer and restoration from the 16mm film elements preserving the intentional grit and raw texture that’s unique to this series.

Other SBS highlights include two of the earliest comedy series to screen on SoHo, How to Make It in America and Eastbound & Down.

Screening in order of their 7.30 nightly telecasts will be:

  1. Eastbound & Down S1 & S2
  2. True Detective S2
  3. Game of Thrones S4
  4. Hunters S1
  5. Vikings S3
  6. The Wire S1a
  7. Banshee S1
  8. Eastbound & Down S3 & S4
  9. Hunters S1
  10. Game of Thrones S5
  11. Big Love S1
  12. Vikings S4a
  13. The Wire S1b
  14. Banshee S2
  15. Silicon Valley S1 & S2
  16. Six Feet Under S1
  17. Game of Thrones S6
  18. Big Love S2
  19. Vikings S4b
  20. The Wire S2
  21. Banshee S3
  22. Silicon Valley S3 & S4
  23. Six Feet Under S2
  24. Game of Thrones S7
  25. Big Love S3
  26. Girls S1 & S2
  27. The Wire S3
  28. Banshee S4
  29. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S1a
  30. Six Feet Under S3
  31. How to Make It in America S1 & S2.
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2 Responses to “New to Sky Box Sets in January”

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    December 3, 2018 at 10:44 pm

    Certainly a bit of irony in TVNZ promoting The Shield OnDemand, a show it treated dreadfully during its broadcast run in the 2000s. I recall seasons arriving a couple of years late and I think it was airing after midnight by the end. I guess everything gets a second life in the SVOD era though. Great show, as is The Wire (another Midnight Special).

  2. Another odd thing is The Almighty Johnsons getting a new lease of life on the platform later this month. I forgot about The Wire, I hope it makes its way to on-demand as well. On a side note, is their any chance Philip of TVNZ experimenting with 24/7 news streaming for 1News Now like they have in the US with CBSN, ABC News Live and NBC News Signal? Surely this would be more cost effective than launching a 24/7 news channel on Freeview plus it would be a great addition to TVNZ OnDemand.

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