New to Sky Box Sets in June

The fine Jeff Daniels drama series that critics inexplicably savaged, American Rust, will screen for the first time next month on Sky Box Sets, along with season one of the Italian crime hit, Gomorrah (both also stream on Neon).

Showtime axed the former after one season and there’s no word yet on if Sky will pick up subsequent seasons of the latter.

Here’s the full June slate in order of nightly 7.30 rotations:

  1. House of Lies S1
  2. Nurse Jackie S3
  3. The Magicians S4
  4. Difficult People S1
  5. Pure S2
  6. Westworld S1
  7. Gentleman Jack S1
  8. House of Lies S2
  9. Nurse Jackie S4
  10. American Princess S1
  11. Difficult People S2
  12. The Path S1
  13. Westworld S2
  14. The Comey Rule
  15. House of Lies S3
  16. Nurse Jackie S5
  17. Made for Love S1
  18. Difficult People S3
  19. The Path S2
  20. Westworld S3
  21. American Rust
  22. House of Lies S4
  23. Nurse Jackie S6
  24. Gomorrah S1
  25. We Are Lady Parts S1
  26. The Path S3
  27. Game of Thrones S1
  28. Billions S5B
  29. House of Lies S5
  30. Nurse Jackie S7.
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2 Responses to “New to Sky Box Sets in June”

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    May 19, 2022 at 10:45 am

    Running box sets of Westworld ahead of the June 27 release of Season 4? I found Brave New World to be very Westworld-esque.

  2. That’s right re Westworld’s return, Mike. About to post a SoHo update …

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