New to SoHo in June

Westworld rides again next month on SoHo, when season four’s June 27 debut will lead a posse of premieres on Sky’s premium drama channel.

Watch also for S2 of Devils, S3 of A Black Lady Sketch Show and the launch of The Baby and I Love That for You.

No sign yet of Animal Kingdom’s sixth and final season, which starts June 19 on TNT, but SoHo’s schedule includes a 9.30 TBA slot for June 29 that the crime drama could fill.

Sky Box Sets will round up Westworld’s first three seasons ahead of the S4 premiere.

According to star Jeffrey Wright: “Season four is going to be more of the Westworld you’ve come to expect and more digging down into some issues and some technology that is going to look familiar to us, as always. It’s gonna be exciting.”

There are more clues here about what’s in store while the creators are reportedly “already at work on multiple projects for Amazon, including the Warner Bros. TV-produced The Peripheral.”

S3 of A Black Lady Sketch Show, which is streaming on Neon — as is S2 of Devils (8.30 Sundays from December 19) — will air 9.00 Thursdays from June 2.

The Baby (8.30 Thursdays from June 2) is a dark comedy about motherhood-is-hell that horrified some critics.

“The best thing about HBO’s eight-part British horror comedy The Baby is that it rarely exceeds thirty minutes per episode,” The Hollywood Reporter quipped. “The worst thing about The Baby is that it’s a TV series at all.”

But Variety thought it was “fun” with “enough gnarly violence (without being too gory) to remind the audience that the stakes of all of this are very real … The comedy of the series is the kind that comes out of an uncomfortable or high-stress situation.”

 I Love That for You (8.00 Thursdays from June 16) is another comedy about a home shopping channel host who takes build steps to save her job.

Said Rotten Tomatoes of the Showtime series that’s already streaming on Neon: “Tonal inconsistency and an ill-defined ensemble can make this comedy hard to love, but it wholly delivers as an overdue showcase for Vanessa Bayer.”

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