New to SoHo in June UPDATED

Since posting this, Sky has clarified House of the Dragon will debut the same time each week on SoHo and Neon.

The original June channel listings for SoHo didn’t include an afternoon airing but a spokesperson says the series will simulcast on SoHo and Neon 1pm on Mondays, with an 8.30 “encore” on SoHo.

I have amended the post to reflect this:

Season two of House of the Dragon premieres June 17 on SoHo.

Diehard Fans also will be able to stream it earlier the same day on Neon.

It will be available from 1pm Mondays, the same time as its HBO transmission in the US.

Its predecessor, Game of Thrones, used to air mid-afternoon on SoHo, the same time as HBO in the US.

Based on the initial June channel listings for SoHo, which didn’t include a 1pm broadcast, it looked like Sky was using the House of the Dragon as a subscription magnet for Neon by making it the first window for Dragon in this market.

While that isn’t the case, SoHo is no longer the premium drama powerhouse it used to be, with the schedule now dominated by perpetual re-runs while more first-run series are held back on Neon.

Its only other June premieres, documentary sequel The Jinx: Part Two (9.30 Sundays from June 2), and the dated Ted Danson comedy, Mr Mayor (8.30 Thursdays from June 27), dropped earlier this month on Neon.

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  1. I’m pretty sure Sky always had the plan to show it the same time. You probably just speculated something else.

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