New to SoHo2 in February


There may be two SoHo channels but hopefully their programming won’t continue to be compromised by lightweight network dramas like SoHo’s A Million Little Things and one of next month’s SoHo2 premieres, New Amsterdam.

The latter follows in the mould of House MD and 2017’s The Good Doctor.

Said veteran TV critic Brian Lowry when it went to air in the US four months ago:

The Good Doctor was one of the surprise hits of the 2017-18 season, so NBC trots out its own version of the kind of physician everyone wishes they had — one who puts patients first and never asks about co-pays.

In New Amsterdam, it’s Dr. Max Goodwin, played by The Blacklist’s Ryan Eggold, the new administrator at a hospital, who announces right off the bat that he’ll fire anyone “who places billing above care.”

Eggold is appealing, in an old-fashioned, Marcus Welby kind of way, and the show does contain a few unexpected twists … but the idea of a square-jawed doctor who really, really cares feels like an awfully familiar procedure.

New Amsterdam will air 8.30 Tuesdays from February 5 but mercifully will be preceded at 7.30 by the much more promising Cleaning Up.

It lands here just a few weeks after scoring rave reviews for Sheridan Smith’s turn as a struggling solo mum who’s a cleaning lady with a gambling addiction.

“The role calls for grit, fervour and various shades  of armour-plated indomitability, and nobody does it better,” said The Telegraph.

Meanwhile, the best new comedy of the last two years, Crashing, is switching from SoHo to SoHo2 for its third season (8.00 Mondays from February 4) as is SMILF for S2 (8.00 Thursdays from February 7).

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver also will shift to SoHo2 and win an earlier slot in the transition: 7.30 Mondays from February 18.

Also new next month on SoHo2 will be the comedy special, Amanda Seales: I Be Knowin’ (February 15, 8.30), and the HBO documentaries:

  • Outside the Bubble: On the Road With Alexander Pelosi (February 16, 9.30), in which the filmmaker criss-crosses the US to meet  people who may or may not share her point of view in a divided America;
  • The Truth About Killer Robots (February 23, 9.30), which is billed as “an eerie, eye-opening work of science non-fiction”.

Back for Box Set Saturdays will be: Crashing S2, SMILF S1, Room 104 S2, Just Another Immigrant and The Americans S1-2.

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    January 27, 2019 at 10:17 pm

    I think they’re hurting the SoHo brand by SoHo2 being used for less than premium dramas. They’d be better off strengthening Sky5 I think or calling it something different. Glad to see them giving Last Week Tonight an earlier showing but still bizarre they can’t simulcast it live with HBO a la Game of Thrones.

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