New to ThreeNow in August

“Finally, a funny cancel culture comedy,” declared The New Statesman about the best of next month’s streaming debuts on ThreeNow.

Douglas is Cancelled (August 11, same day on Three) stars Hugh Bonneville as a journalist whose life implodes after a tweet about him allegedly making a sexist joke goes viral. Reads the blurb:

Douglas and Madeline are co-hosts on a popular current affairs show. Madeline is young and sharp, Douglas middle-aged and highly respected. But a single tweet, claiming Douglas told a sexist joke at a recent wedding, tears Douglas’s life apart. With the help of editor Toby, wife Sheila, and agent Bentley, Douglas tries to save his career. Is he truly guilty – or a victim of cancel culture? And exactly how is co-host Madeline caught up in it all? An outstanding cast, including Hugh Bonneville and Karen Gillan, star in this timely series about gender politics and trial by social media.

“Steven Moffat’s delicious satire is unafraid to take aim at youthful snowflakes and puritans,” TNS said while The Guardian dubbed it “fast, fun – and furious about every liberal taboo …

“The mere presence of jokes about various shibboleths will be counted as support for bigots, fascists and right-wingers by some, and as a welcome return to sanity by others. That’s the point.”

Wild Cards (August 30, same day on Three) is a light-hearted, charismatic police procedural that screened earlier this year on The CW Network. Reads the blurb:

A demoted, by-the-book detective who lives on a boat with his cat, and a charismatic con woman on probation who lives with her butler, are offered the chance to redeem themselves. The catch? They have to find a way to work together each using their unique skills to solve crimes. The two will have to learn what it means to trust another person and maybe actually become partners.

Vanessa Morgan (Pretty Little Liars), Giacomo Gianniotti (Grey’s Anatomy) and Jason Priestley (Beverly Hills 90210) star.

The Red King (August 4) is another offbeat police drama, about a high-flying metro police sergeant whose by-the-book rigidity sees her banished to a remote Welsh island with an eerie, hidden religion known as the True Way. Reads the blurb:

Grace is determined to implement order on people who have long ‘policed themselves’ but a year-old cold case of a missing teenage boy threatens to unearth the community’s well-buried secrets. Secrets that may be rooted in its unspoken traditions …

The Telegraph likened it to “Midsomer Murders mixed with The Wicker Man … a welcome addition to the ranks of mismatched crime crackers.”

The Guardian went even further: “Like a wickedly playful new spin on The Wicker Man … And maybe a bit of Hot Fuzz.”

Also new next month are:

  • Patrick Gower: On Ice, which explores the “climate crisis” in two episodes (TBA)
  • Double Parked, S2 of the comedy about dual unplanned pregnancies (TBA)
  • Guy Montgomery’s Guy Mont Spelling Bee, S2 of the spelling bee quiz for comedians (TBA)
  • Barcelona Regatta, live coverage (August 22)
  • Gold, Lies and Videotape, in which one family fights the US government to recover a $28-billion treasure in the New Mexico desert (August 16)
  • Death by Fame, S1 of docuseries about the sinister side of celebrity (August 23)
  • Nightmare Next Door S2-6 (August 2)
  • 90 Day Fiance UK S3 (August 7)
  • Seeking Sister Wife S1-4 (August 25).
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