New to ThreeNow in January

ThreeNow opens the new year with Black Coast Vanishings, an original true-crime docuseries that investigates unexplained disappearances at Piha Beach.

Since 1992, six people have gone missing in and around Piha, the most recent being a French youth. Reads the blurb:

In March 2020 a French teenager travels to Piha to collect some black volcanic sand. He is never seen again. A year earlier a Chinese student is last seen walking through the local campground. Up on the clifftops is the notorious Mercer Bay Loop Track where the cars of two women are found, but their occupants are not. In 2004 a 20-year-old woman disappeared after calling the police in distress.  And where is Quentin, an 18-year-old last seen on the Piha road? What happens to a small town divided over the fears and the denials of a danger in their midst?

Made with the support of NZ On Air, all four episode of Black Coast Vanishings are being made available to stream at once; the series also airs next month on Three.

No Escape (January 15) is a seven-part Paramount+ thriller about two best friends who flee for their lives to Southeast Asia on a yacht called “The Blue” that is found drifting in Queensland waters with no one aboard.

“This seaborne British thriller is capable throughout, but it is so tightly focused on the machinations of its plot and an aesthetic of tropical menace that it sometimes lacks self-examination,” said The Age while Digital Spy observed: “Just as in White Lotus, the characters that gather as part of this wandering motley crew turn out to be harbouring secrets that start to unravel.”

Nobodies S1-2 (January 18)  is named after three actors/comedians still waiting for their big break, struggling to make a name for themselves in Hollywood while their friends achieve fame and fortune.

From executive producers and real-life couple Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone, it dates to 2017 and divided critics.

The New York Times dubbed it “a droll study in the humiliating brand of desperation that infects the hangers-on of the show-business universe” but The Hollywood Reporter said it “spends more time talking about its proximity to Melissa McCarthy than its proximity to laughter …

“Beyond correctly identifying Hollywood’s core insecurity and layers of inferiority complexes, Nobodies isn’t committed to being satire or parody, nor is it especially insightful.”

ThreeNow’s also picking up S2 of Eden’s All that Glitters (January 4), the US versions of The Bridge S1-2 (January 14) and Being Human S1-3 (January 24), S1-3 of Broadchurch (January 2), previous Netflix attraction and UK whodunit River (January 9), and Australian crime drama Informer 3838 (January 11), which previously streamed on TVNZ+.

Code of a Killer (January 3) relates how Sir Alec Jefferys’ discovery of DNA fingerprinting was first used by DCS David Baker to catch a double murderer while Vinnie Jones in the Country (January 21) shows the Hollywood tough guy renovating his Sussex farm.

Finally, all of Alaskan Bush People’s sixth season lands on January 8, the same day it starts a 6.30 weeknight run on Rush.

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5 Responses to “New to ThreeNow in January”

  1. I thought I would give an update so yes I’m still in Hospital but will definitely be going home Monday morning also tonight the Rebooted Charmed Girls started making a video about me leaving the hospital as a goodbye (so sweet) and Peter Jackson is here as well pretending to be a mean patient, I love his phone calls, they are so funny. I’m going to miss this place 😂

  2. That’s great news, Trevor — although where you are sounds more entertaining than anything you’ll project on your Samsung Freestyle when you get home!

  3. I got to meet Peter Jackson today, gosh he is such a national treasure but sadly he has got a painful foot and can’t find the doco he made about me. To think an academy award winning director made a doco about me, that’s quite a compliment. Also he told me I should be receiving parcels from in the mail from today until mid 2024 and I guess you are wondering what the heck have I done to deserve it… Well, I was the first person who came up with the idea for a movie like Batman to be made in hospitals, who would ever thought? 🤔

  4. Aw Trevor glad you are on the home stretch and enjoying the company. Get well soon!!

  5. AW, thanks guys. It’s going to feel weird going home after these 5 or 6 weeks but it’s definitely time to get back home too reality 😁

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