New to ThreeNow in July

A BBC comedy/drama about an autistic Scottish woman’s life being upended by her sister’s hasty engagement premieres next month on ThreeNow.

The BBC billed the six-part Dinosaur (July 21) as “a coming of age series exploring those moments of change we experience in the various relationships in our life including sisterhood, friendship and romance”.

“This spiky and heartfelt comedy might be powered by the lead character’s autism, but it’s not defined by it,” The Guardian said. “It gives people with the condition a long overdue voice.”

“The first episode takes a little while to get into gear,” the Independent said. “But when the big plot points have been set up, Dinosaur finds its stride as a character-driven comedy.”

The Cuckoo (July 17) is a creepy Channel 5 thriller about a family who take in the lodger from hell.

“How could they have known that someone who turns up with £3,000 in cash might turn out to be not all they claim, eh?,” pondered The Guardian. “Brace for non-stop dramatic music and domestic arguments.”

But the producers and creators were upfront about Cuckoo’s90s inspirations:

Writer David Turpin told Radio Times:

“I was interested in taking more obvious influences like The Hand That Rocks the Cradle or Single White Female, and infusing them with a slightly more European flavour.

“The French filmmaker Claude Chabrol is an influence, for the way he can turn a comfortable domestic setting into something unsettling. I think some of those European influences give The Cuckoo a flavour we haven’t seen in this kind of show before.”

July 4 is when Kiwi brothel comedy/drama Madam streams (and airs later the same day on Three) while another series already announced, A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, streams from July 1.

Also new are The Idaho Murders: Trial by TikTok (July 19), global pub crawl Thirst With Shay Mitchell (July 10) and:

  • S2 of The Traitors NZ (July 1)
  • Match Fit: Union vs League (date to be confirmed)
  • S2 of Extreme Sisters (July 12)
  • S2 of MILF Manor (July 15)
  • S3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way (July 27).
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