New to ThreeNow in June

Leading next month’s sterling British invasion on ThreeNow is season two of “nail-biting” Irish police drama Blue Lights (June 2).

“A focus on character makes this season even more compulsive viewing than the first,” said Radio Times while the Scotsman argued: “We could be watching The Wire; Blue Lights is that gritty and aspires to be that great.”

But The Times reckons what was once a “horribly plausible show … mostly feels like a police sitcom with all the jokes taken out”.

Boarders (June 30) is an acclaimed BBC3 Skins-like satire about five gifted black inner-city teenagers who are offered scholarships to a prestigious British boarding school —  only to learn they’re there to improve the school’s image after a problematic video went viral.

“It’s a fun, funny and complex coming-of-age story that encompasses all the mess and joy of youth, where few people ever really feel that they fit in,” The Guardian said.

“Tokenism has been portrayed on television before, but it is still rare to see depictions of the nuanced perspectives of various black characters in predominantly white spaces,” Variety said.

Boarders centres these students’ experiences with all of the heartache and emotional turmoil of navigating an institution deadset on keeping them out.”

Red Eye (June 12) is a six-part thriller about three women thrown into the same life-and-death conspiracy after a British doctor is arrested for murder upon flying home from Beijing.

The Guardian lamented it didn’t scale the thrilling heights of Hijack on Apple TV+ but begrudgingly recommended Red Eye as a “perfectly fun, perfectly functional twist-n-conspiracy-laden tale.

“If you watch the first episode you will very likely watch them all.”

The Financial Times, however, dismissed it as a “ludicrous ITV thriller will leave you looking for an emergency exit” and the Evening Standard said it “fails to take off”.

ThreeNow will land every episode while the series will air weekly on Three from June 12.

Exclusive to ThreeNow will be After the Flood (June 17).

It stars Sophie Rundle (Peaky Blinders) as a policewoman obsessed with discovering what happened to an unidentified man she suspects was murdered during a flood that devastates a Yorkshire town.

Reviews ranged from “unexpectedly riveting” (The Guardian) to “Happy Valley-lite” (The Telegraph).

Captivated (June 24) was broadcast on Channel 5 under the title of Too Good to Be True.

It stars EastEnders’ Kara Tointon as a solo-mum cleaner who’s lured by the prospect of more money to work for a wealthy businessman (Downtown Abbey’s Allen Leech).

But is the offer too good to be true? When she starts to dig into his past, she uncovers a dark and disturbing story.

Pacy and well constructed,” was the Daily Mail’s verdict but the I thought it “unoriginal”.

Also new to ThreeNow next month are:

  • Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed (June 21), a four-part investigation into the alleged exploitation, abuse and cover-ups at the star-studded megachurch founded by Brian Houston
  • He Lied About Everything (June 5), a two-hour documentary about the love affair between investigative TV producer Benita Alexander and world-renowned surgeon Paolo Macchiarini that was dramatised in S2 of Doctor Death
  • Who Killed Biggie and Tupac? (June 27), the 2022 documentary about the hip-hop stars’ then-unsolved murders
  • You, Me & My Ex (June 10), in which five couples deal with an ex who is still part of their daily lives
  • LEGO Masters: Australia vs The World, which will stream hours ahead of its broadcast on Three.
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