New to ThreeNow in June

One of the most popular and acclaimed new dramas of the just-ending broadcast season in the US will stream next month on ThreeNow.

Accused is a 15-part anthology that bills each episode as “a fast-paced provocative thriller, exploring a different crime, in a different city with an entirely original cast”.

It’s just completed its Fox TV run with a season finale that TV Insider praised for its “sterling casting” and “wrenching twists that end up in a taut courtroom climax”.

Not all critics were enthralled but it earned the thumbs-up from some of the best, including the Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly and Decider.

The Rotten Tomatoes verdict was: “While Accused is yet another variation on a very familiar theme, its anthology structure offers enough flexibility and star power for some compelling courtroom stories.”

Guest stars include Michael Chiklis, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Abigail Breslin and Jason Ritter.

Also new next month will be the NZ On Air-funded Homebound 3.0 and Double Parked.

The former is billed as “a comedy on life for the boomerang generation”. Reads the blurb:

In exchange for free rent to fund his literary aspirations, Henry Li — an Asian-Kiwi columnist — is forced to go out on arranged ‘dates’ by his parents and their overzealous family friends. That is until Henry is matched with Melissa Wu – a fellow homebound dermatologist with a fetish for popping pimples and a shared distaste for awkward family setups. Together, they conspire to fake a relationship to get their parents off their backs. A mistake that leads them down the path of romantic entanglement, and a game of hide and seek on their parent’s doorsteps with no exit strategy in sight.

Double Parked stars Madeleine Sami (The Breaker Upperers) and Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune) as a lesbian couple who both end up pregnant following a ‘botched’ home insemination job.

Reality fans will be able to stream Married With Secrets S1&2, Married at First Sight USA S10 and Sister Wives S10.

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