New to ThreeNow in May

Married at First Sight NZ will be the most anticipated ThreeNow premiere of next month but not to be overlooked are two scripted series.

MAFS NZ fans who can’t wait to see it on Three can stream it earlier on ThreeNow while every episode of High Country (May 3) and Big Mood (May 12) can be binged.

The former is an Australian drama about a detective transferred to the Victorian High Country, where her investigation into the disappearances of five people uncovers a complex web involving murder, deceit, and revenge.

The Guardian dubbed it “a potboiler-ish crime series given a glossy cinematic varnish and a rock-solid lead performance from Leah Purcell …

“This production isn’t on the same level as the Mystery Road series, or a Vicki Madden production à la The Gloaming and The Kettering Incident, which tap into higher and bolder spaces – but High Country is still thoroughly decent and I’m curious to see how it ends.”

ScreenHub called it a “dark and potent crime drama” and InReview “a fresh take on Australian rural noir”.

Big Mood is billed as a “daring new comedy” about how the realities of a serious mental illness complicate the relationship of two best friends whose careers are at a turning point as they’re about to turn 30.

Maggie (Bridgerton’s Nicola Coughlan) is a struggling playwright with a renewed bipolar disorder that makes her increasingly impulsive, reckless and even dangerous; Eddie (Lydia West) is clinging to the wreckage of her business when her own personal crisis resurfaces: her ‘ex’.

Among the issues Big Mood raises are:

  • could sleeping with your former history teacher be the key to happiness?
  • is trapping rats in a basement a functional alternative to pest control?
  • is it cool for your psychiatrist to stalk you on Instagram?

The Times thought it “bleak, brutal and funny” and the Evening Standard “witty, gritty and honest“.

“As well as sharp, singular and very funny writing teeming with immensely enjoyable pop culture references, credit must also go to Coughlan and West, who are perfectly cast in the lead roles,” Radio Times said.

“The tone of much of the comedy is closer to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag,” The Independent said. Dark, brooding, fretful.

“But with the jokes infrequent and low-key, the requisite chiaroscuro – the balance of light and shade – is missing.”

Also new are:

  • Selena + Restaurant, in which Selena Gomez goes to work for chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Stephanie Izard, and Shirley Chung in the kitchens of some of LA’s hottest restaurants
  • Best Foods Comedy Gala (May 9 and 16, 8.30)*
  • Last Laughs, the final show of the NZ International Comedy Festival (May 30, 8.30)*
  • S2 of First Responders (TBA)**
  • S1-2 of time-travelling thriller Timeless (May 23)
  • S9 of 90 Day Fiancé (May 17).

* Screens live on Three.

** Screens later the same day on Three.

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    YAY, I see Timeless is coming. That’s one show I had missed. I see Fringe is now on Neon as well 😍

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