New to TVNZ+: December 23-29

Vigil (December 26) returns for its second season after scoring mixed reviews this week in the UK.

The twist this time is it “swaps the seas for the skies” when it teams Suranne Jones’ DCI Amy Silva with her pregnant girlfriend (Rose Leslie) on an investigation into British arms dealing in the Middle East.

“The web of transcontinental interpersonal relationships becomes increasingly tangled,” the Independent observed of the “cliffhanger-heavy” sequel.

“Terrorism, LGBT+ issues, PTSD: all are thrown into the mix, like blending a variety of, individually nutritious, vegetables to create an undrinkably thick smoothie.”

“What makes Vigil season two less solidly entertaining than its first season isn’t just that the saga beneath the waves has been dredged up to sea level, it’s that the terra firma we’re now on feels far more well-trodden,” Digital Spy said.

The Telegraph praised the thrilling sky-high stakes but carped about Jones being a grating lead while The Guardian said: “This pacy, extremely good crime drama [is] … a thrilling watch that’s full of political truth bombs – and a great performance from Jones.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports eagle-eyed viewers slammed the series for “unforgivable inaccuracies“.

Also new are Love Island Italy (every episode from December 27) and concert special Alicia Keys Live in LA (December 24) while being retrieved from the vault are 2017’s hotel drama The Halcyon (December 25) and sci-fi anthology Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (December 26).

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