New to TVNZ+: February 10-23

Boiling Point (February 21) gives kitchen-sink drama new meaning with its take on the pressure-cooker world of the hospitality industry.

Like The Bear, it revolves around flawed people concocting flawless food in a fine dining restaurant.

Originally a 90-minute feature film, which TVNZ+ isn’t streaming, it’s been spun off into a four-part series starring the same lead, Stephen Graham, although his character takes a backseat second time around.

“A brilliant script, a phenomenal cast and some absolutely beautiful filming – this hugely stressful series is one of the best things on television this year,” raved The Guardian when Boiling Point aired five months ago on the BBC.

Other critics agreed: “extraordinary” (London Evening Standard), “brutally frank and full-on” (Empire), “tonally and substantively … similar to Disney+’s The Bear” (The Independent).

Infiltré(e) (February 18) is a 2023 French-language crime drama about a solo-mum police chemist who goes undercover to investigate the origins of a deadly synthetic drug flooding the market.

Documentaries for the Digital Age (February 10) is a strand that explores the blurring of the lines between real-life and online. It features: InstascamThe Cost of Being a YouTuberJailed Over a Group Chat and Addicted to Drip.

Also new are the seventh and final season of Young Sheldon (February 16), S3 of Ghosts (February 16) and S3 of CSI: Vegas (February 19).

Movie buffs can stream The Great Gatsby (February 22) and the Rocky franchise (February 15):

  • Rocky
  • Rocky II
  • Rocky III
  • Rocky IV
  • Rocky V
  • Rocky Balboa
  • Creed
  • Creed II.
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4 Responses to “New to TVNZ+: February 10-23”

  1. Just curious to know if TVNZ still has the rights to BBC News content Philip. I see they are using Sky News UK reports for their news bulletins.

  2. Hey, Leo, here’s TVNZ’s response: “We haven’t changed our arrangement with BBC News, the volume of coverage we use will be dependent on the stories that are included in our bulletins on any given day though.”

  3. Cheers Philip for clearing this up. I’m glad they’ve retained their BBC News arrangement. I just found it odd they would use Sky News UK considering they have the BBC News deal. Nonetheless it’s great they have a wide range of news sources.

  4. Meanwhile in late night repeat land … TVNZ finished all 8 seasons of House on Duke a few weeks ago. In case you missed them they are repeating from s01 again, no back to back screenings, just one ep per Mon/Tuesday night 😛

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