New to TVNZ+: February 3-9

The Good Lord Bird (February 7) is the latest Sky series to stream on TVNZ+.

It follows an enslaved teenager (Joshua Caleb Johnson-Lionel) as he joins abolitionist John Brown’s (Ethan Hawke) motley crew during the Bleeding Kansas era before the Civil War.

Rotten Tomatoes summed it up as “an epically irreverent adaptation that does right by its source material’s good word”.

Foreign language thriller The Museum (February 4) depicts an illicit affair between the high achieving Director General of the Museum of Wales and a troubled young charity shop worker that throws her headfirst into the murky world of heritage crime.

“The Museum is setting itself up to be a fine thriller, with good lead performances and just enough story threads to keep viewers from getting bored,” reckons Decider.

Also new are season two of Halo (February 8) and The 12th Victim (February 5), a true-crime docuseries about Caril Ann Fugate, who still proclaims her innocence decades after her 1958 killing spree with Charles Starkweather than was dramatised in the movie Badlands.

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