New to TVNZ+ in December

So much does the TVNZ+ Christmas streaming cup runneth over, complete with a new branded channel, that you could cancel all your SVOD subscriptions and still not have enough time to view everything before The Big Day.

Here are the newcomers, with TVNZ-supplied blurbs:

Litvinenko (December 16, full season)

David Tennant (Des, Broadchurch) stars as Alexander Litvinenko, former Russian spy, Kremlin critic and British citizen in the new drama from George Kay, creator and showrunner of crime thriller Lupin.

Lying in a London hospital bed, his condition deteriorating rapidly, Litvinenko claims to have been poisoned and points the finger directly at President Vladimir Putin. He dies a few days later, surrounded by family.

When it’s confirmed he had been poisoned with polonium-210 – the deadliest substance known to man – police race to seal off potentially contaminated sites while detectives plunge into a high-stakes murder investigation, tracking their elusive suspects from London to Moscow.

In a shadowy world of political power games and fragile international relations, can they find justice for Litvinenko’s family?

A Spy Among Friends (December 9)

This six-episode espionage thriller dramatises the true story of Nicholas Elliott and Kim Philby, two British spies and lifelong friends.

Guy Pearce stars as the notorious British intelligence officer and KGB double agent Kim Philby, while Damian Lewis stars as Philby’s friend and fellow intelligence officer, Nicholas Elliott.

Philby was the most notorious British defector and Soviet double agent in history. This is the story of intimate duplicity, of loyalty, trust and treachery.

Philby’s betrayal and defection to Russia after being exposed as a Soviet double agent at the height of the Cold War resulted in the gutting of British and American Intelligence.

A Spy Among Friends is based on the book of the same name by Ben Macintyre (Rogue Heroes).

Without Sin (December 29, full season)

BAFTA winner Vicky McClure (Line of Duty, Trigger Point) stars in the new must-watch British psychological thriller from the producer of The Crown.

The miniseries explores the relationship between grieving mother Stella (McClure) and Charles, the man who is in prison for her daughter’s murder, played by Johnny Harris (The Salisbury Poisonings).

Stella meets with Charles in search of closure, but he turns the meeting on its head, revealing a new piece of evidence that throws into question everything she thought she knew about that night. With another teen in danger, she must work with Charles to discover the truth, before it’s too late.

Becoming Elizabeth (December 6, full season)

From Starz, the network that brought The Tudors and The White Queen to our screens, comes the untold story of one of England’s most iconic royals, long before she ascended the throne.

The death of Henry VIII throws teen orphan Elizabeth Tudor (Alicia von Rittberg) into the unpredictable and dangerous world of the English court. When her nine-year-old brother is crowned king, the great families of England and powers of Europe vie for control of the country and Elizabeth can become either a pawn or a player.

The lavish and thrilling period drama also stars Romola Garai (The Miniaturist), Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife) and Tom Cullen (Downton Abbey).

After the Trial (December 13, full season)

To catch a killer, four everyday people will go beyond the call of jury duty …

After they’ve given their final verdict, jurors Clara, Daniel, Margie, and Ollie start to wonder if they’ve let a murderer walk free. Taking matters into their own hands, they decide to investigate the murder themselves, turning their own lives upside down in the process.

This thrilling murder mystery with a comedic touch stars Magda Szubanski (Kath & Kim), Lincoln Younes (Home and Away), Sullivan Stapleton (Blindspot) and Michelle Lim Davidson (The Newsreader).

Wreck (December 30, full season)

Welcome aboard luxury cruise ship the Sacramentum. Below deck, the chaotic, diverse, and disillusioned Gen Z crew are oversexed and underpaid. Above deck, the elite super-rich passengers think they can get away with murder …

In this comedy-drama-slasher set on the high seas, 20-year-old Jamie joins the crew in search of answers about his sister’s reported suicide on the ship’s last voyage. Jamie and his new-found friends turn detective to uncover the truth behind a string of grisly murders on board, leading them to the discovery that they themselves are part of a sinister game run by a shadowy, elite organisation.

How did this dark force come to take control of the ship? And why is their unsettling duck mascot Quacky prowling the decks under cover of night?

Educators S3 (December 7, full season)

Starring comedy heavy-weights Jackie van Beek (Nude Tuesday), Jonny Brugh (What We Do in the Shadows), Kura Forrester (Shortland Street) and Rick Donald (800 Words), the third series continues to follow the unruly teaching staff of an ordinary Kiwi high school.

Described as ‘the best dumpster fire ever’ this entirely unscripted show pushes comedy to its limits, catching these teachers on their very worst behaviour.

Featuring special guest star Magda Szubanski (Kath and Kim) with cameos from Mike Minogue (Wellington Paranormal), Tom Sainsbury and more.

Edith Poor joins the cast as the level-headed new deputy principal.

Tell Me Everything (December 9, full season)

If you thought growing up was difficult, prepare to experience what it’s like in the 2020s in ITV’s provocative teenage drama.

Brimming with heart, laughs, pathos and gut-punches, tenderness and darkness, Tell Me Everything explores the stresses of mental health for today’s teens created by the omnipresence of technology and social media, whilst they are still searching for their own identity, exploring sexuality, and experimenting with relationships, drink, drugs and sex (as well as what to wear tonight).

Tell Me Everything is centred around 16-year-old Jonny Murphy, who is trying his best to navigate through this world. Growing up hasn’t been easy, and although loved by his friends and family, Jonny suffers from undiagnosed depression and anxiety which he does his best to hide. So, when he is faced with the most gut-wrenching tragedy, Jonny must decide – is he going to let events overtake him or is he going to learn how to live?

Colin From Coconuts Accounts (December 1, full season)

Created by, written by and starring Harriet Dyer (The InBetween, Love Child) and Patrick Brammall (No Activity, Offspring), brand-new Australian comedy Colin From Accounts lands on TVNZ+.

Let us set the scene … when Ashley and Gordon are brought together by a car accident and an injured dog, these two single(ish), complex humans must learn to be brave enough to show their true selves, scars and all, to find real connection in an age where you can have someone at your door for meaningless sex faster than a Domino’s pizza.

This is one not to miss!

Also new to TVNZ+ will be a slew of music documentaries and specials, including:

  • 20 Feet From Stardom
  • Harry Styles: Live in Manchester
  • Bruce Springsteen: In His Own Words
  • Sam Smith: Live in London
  • My Life as a Rolling Stone
  • Duran Duran: There’s Something You Should Know
  • In and Out of Hell: The Meat Loaf Story
  • Kylie’s Secret Night
  • Punk
  • Women Who Rock
  • Shut Up and Play the Hits
  • Super Cool Wins in the End

Other TV highlights will include every episode of Offspring (December 10) plus:

  • The Reunion S1 (December 2)
  • Farscape S1-4 (December 9)
  • Am I Being Unreasonable S1 (December 11)
  • The Game S2 (December 15)
  • Pure S1 (December 15)
  • Moonshine S1 (December 15-16)
  • Transplant S3 (December 17)
  • Claremont: A Killer Among Us S1 (December 18)
  • Tell Me a Story S1-2 (December 10)
  • Safe Harbour S1 (December 20)
  • The Psychedelic Drug Trial: A Cure for Depression? (December 21)
  • The Best Man: Final Chapters S1 (December 21)
  • Harry Potter: A History of Magic (December 24)
  • The Paradise S1-2 (December 26)
  • A Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories S1-2 (December 27)

Movies new to the platform will include:

December 1

  • Bellbird 
  • The Dead Lands 
  • The Dark Horse 
  • Boy 
  • The Changeover 
  • Vai 
  • Waru 
  • Footroot Flats 
  • Anger Management 
  • Bad Santa 
  • Sex Tape 
  • Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

December 8

  • Thank You for Your Service
  • Molly’s Game 
  • The Sapphires 
  • The Last Exorcism 2
  • Palo Alto
  • Borg vs McEnroe 
  • Into the Forest 

December 15

  • This Christmas
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    Speaking of TVNZ+ do you know what happened to Das Boot seasons 2 and 3. They played season 1 a couple years ago but never continued with the other two seasons.

  2. It’s one of the great mysteries of the streaming world, Paul W. The series has been popular globally (hence the renewals) but TVNZ opted not to license S2 and 3, and no one else here has picked it up. Just as frustrating is Sky’s reluctance to stream further seasons of Gomorrah, one of the best gangster series sever.

  3. It’s called Colin From Accounts btw, not Collin From Coconuts.

  4. I see the HBO bosses are flying to Australia, hope they don’t forget New Zealand ?

  5. Crikey! Thanks for that, Jack.

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