New to TVNZ+: January 20-26

The latest AMC+ series to surface on TVNZ+ is Mayfair Witches, which streams from January 23.

About an intuitive young neurosurgeon who possesses supernatural abilities, it stars Alexandra Daddario (The White Lotus) and conjured up less than bewitching reviews.

The Times dismissed it as “gloopy gothic horror” while The Telegraph blamed “dull direction and a poor script” but Time argued “there’s plenty of substance behind the gorgeous veneer”.

Animated Mike Judge newcomer In the Know (January 26) is a “public radio parody” starring Silicon Valley’s Zach Woods as the voice of Lauren Caspian, a struggling National Public Radio station host who’s also a stop motion puppet. Reads the blurb:

Each episode follows the making of an episode of Lauren’s show In the Know, in which Lauren conducts in-depth interviews with real world human guests. Lauren collaborates with a diverse crew of NPR staff. They are also puppets and nimrods.

It streams here the same day as its Peacock premiere in the US.

The 2022 BBC comedy Avoidance (January 24) stars Romesh Ranganthan as a newly-separated dad with no home, no friends and no ambition.

“This gentle, truthful, beautifully performed comedy about the ultimate beta male is painful in its accuracy – and will speak to so many of us,” The Guardian reckons.

But The Telegraph thought otherwise: “It’s not a tight, consistently funny comedy, or insightful enough to justify the meandering pace, and nor does it go the Gervais provocative route – unless you examine its dubious gender politics.

“Instead, it’s blandly sweet and curiously old-fashioned, like a sugar-free humbug.”

Also new are S3 of te reo Māori drama Kairākau (January 22), S1-6 of 2010s drama Parenthood (January 26), and ’80s movies Teen WolfTeen Wolf TooBloodsport and Road House (January 24).

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3 Responses to “New to TVNZ+: January 20-26”

  1. Just started watching Breathtaking on TVNZ+ (sorry, was mentioned in a different post to this I’m sure) … but what I didn’t realise is TVNZ had somehow got to broadcasting this before ITV!

  2. Yes, Clint, that’s right. In the ‘old days’, TVNZ couldn’t air or stream a BBC or ITV series until after it had played domestically. But that no longer seems to be the case, with a number of series now going live at the same time or even earlier. Breathtaking is the latest example — there’s still no UK transmission or ITVX date — while Nolly, which was broadcast over Easter here, has just premiered on ITV1 (although it did stream on ITVX in February). Kudos to TVNZ 1 for screening Breathtaking so soon and over such a ‘dead’ period: it stood out from the rest of the new year schedule and is well worth checking out on TVNZ+ if you missed the broadcast.

  3. Interesting times then! I enjoyed the first episode. Will keep watching

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