New to TVNZ+: July 13-19

Colin From Accounts is back in business, with TVNZ+ bingeing season two from July 17.

The romantic-comedy about Aussie lovebirds with shared custody of a wheelchair-bound mutt continues with Ashley and Gordon in “the blissful bickering stage of coupledom”.

They’re played by real-life married couple Harriet Dyer and Patrick Brammall, who also scripted the series.

Dyer started writing the pilot way back in 2017 after she had just moved to Los Angeles with Brammall, who was working on an American adaptation of his Australian series No Activity.

“Everything is fiction, but the banter is something that we definitely rob of our own lives and put it in the show,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Bramnall, meanwhile, has just signed to star in The Dispatcher, a six-part Australian thriller for Apple TV+  about a former police detective whose “life fell apart 10 years ago when his young daughter Maggie disappeared without a trace,” the blurb reads.

Now working as a police dispatcher, the only thing that has kept him going is his implacable refusal to accept that she might be gone forever. When he receives a distress call from a young girl he is certain is Maggie, he will stop at nothing to find her and reunite his broken family, whatever the cost.

As for the rest of mid-July’s highlights, sports buffs can enjoy coverage of Samoa v Spain rugby (July 13, 2.50), Extreme E (July 13-15), the final UEFA match (July 15, 6.50am) and the daily Wimbledon feed.

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