New to TVNZ+: July 20-26

It’s more like TVNZ- for the last full week in July, with the only series premiere being a tabloid-ish Lifetime docuseries about post-prison life for a woman who served seven years for killing her abusive mother.

Gypsy Rose: Life After Lockup (July 4) is billed as “raw and authentic look” at Gypsy Rose Blanchard facing up to her past, grappling with her notoriety and fame, and forging a new identity as a wife, sister, daughter and free woman.

“The series teeters between intriguing and invasive as the audience watches Blanchard cycle through several intense life transitions on the world stage,” Variety said.

Echoed Decider: “We’re of two minds when it comes to this docuseries: If Gypsy Rose Blanchard really wanted to have a normal life after she was released from prison, she shouldn’t have agreed to have Lifetime continue to bring its cameras into her private life.

“Then again, if she doesn’t gain control of her narrative, then her story will end up being told by tabloids and TikTok speculators.”

The only other ‘newcomers’ are highlights from Glastonbury 2024 (July 24) and every episode of From Dusk Till Dawn (July 26) and Keeping Faith (July 23) that you’ve probably streamed on other platforms.

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