New to TVNZ+: June 1-6

Martin Freeman is back on the beat as under-siege cop Chris Carson in season two of The Responder (June 2).

His vow to no longer take the law into his own hands is tested when he and former partner Rachel are sucked into a gang war between two of Liverpool’s top drug-dealers.

“The Martin Freeman we know from Sherlock and The Office quickly melts away,” London’s Evening Standard says.

“Some have suggested that night patrolman Chris Carson is the finest role of his career so far, and on the evidence of this second series, it’s hard to disagree.”

Echoed The Times: “Tony Schumacher’s Liverpool drama, which is based on a police officer, but is actually about real, unvarnished life, returned with as much, if not more, swagger and some of the least predictable dialogue you will find in a cop show.”

Guess who has a new wine label? Al Brown. And guess who has a new TV series in which to promote it?

Al Brown’s Tipping Point Adventure (June 1) follows his foray into winemaking “while exploring what makes Kiwi entrepreneurs tick, and what success means to them”.

Seasick (June 5) explores how Matauranga Maori and traditional sustainable practices may be part of the solution to the overfishing and pollution the Hauraki Gulf.

Also new are S10 of Alone (June 1), which unfolds in Northern Saskatchewan’s Reindeer Lake, S2 of Animal Control (June 6) starring Joel Hale and Kiwi Grace Palmer, and every episode of cult comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (June 3).

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3 Responses to “New to TVNZ+: June 1-6”

  1. I see SBS News is being uploaded to TVNZ+, is this part of news push on TVNZ+, Philip? Are we going to see a FAST News channel?

  2. Thanks, Leo. The SBS upload is news to me (and no doubt many others given TVNZ didn’t announce it and has buried it within the TVNZ+ news and current affairs page). You’d like to think it might be a soft launch for a FAST news channel but FAST channels haven’t been on TVNZ’s radar.

  3. Interesting, I only saw a post on Instagram about SBS News coming to TVNZ+. I’m hopeful that something big is coming for News but I know I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

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