New to TVNZ+: June 22-28

Mary & George (June 26) stars Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine in the outrageous true story of Mary Villiers, Countess of Buckingham who moulded her beautiful son, George, to seduce King James I and become his all-powerful lover.

Vanity Fair called it “a compelling trip to the gay 1600s” but thought the Starz series “eventually becomes too grandiose in its ambitions”.

The Hollywood Reporter declared it “delicious drama, serving up lots of bloody plots and steamy sex scenes garnished by flashes of mordant humour”, and Variety: “Darkly comic and lushly erotic, both boldly anachronistic and surprisingly true to history.”

“Bawdy, irreverent, and ruled by Julianne Moore in top form, Mary & George is a regal treat for fans of frothy court intrigue,” was the Rotten Tomatoes consensus.

Streaming from June 28 are the NZ movies The PianoThe Breaker Uppers and Nude Tuesday.

And continuing is live coverage of the 17th edition of the UEFA European Championship:

June 22

  • Slovakia v Ukraine
  • Poland v Austria
  • Netherlands v France

June 23

  • Georgia v Czechia
  • Turkey v Portugal
  • Belgium v Romania

June 24

  • Switzerland v Germany
  • Scotland v Hungary

June 25

  • Albania v Spain
  • Croatia v Italy

June 26

  • France v Poland
  • Netherlands v Austria
  • Denmark v Serbia
  • England v Slovenia

June 27

  • Slovakia v Romania
  • Ukraine v Belgium
  • Georgia v Portugal
  • Czechia v Turkey.
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7 Responses to “New to TVNZ+: June 22-28”

  1. Hi Philip, completely off topic but are you able to please find out why the music used in Love Island is completely different from the ITV version compared to the one uploaded to TVNZ+? Is it a music rights issue? I’ve watched the ITV version and compared it to the TVNZ version and the music has been removed and replaced with unsigned filler music. Is TVNZ able to answer why it’s done this?

  2. Without wanting to speak for TVNZ, Leo, this is the internationally distributed version due to music clearance. Masterchef Australia and others do the same. Makes it a lot, lot cheaper to distribute it internationally.

  3. Thanks for your spot-on explanation, Clint. Here’s what TVNZ says: “The international version (so not just TVNZ, but broadcasters globally) will often be supplied with different music due to rights in different territories.”

  4. Thanks Clint, I always thought something was amiss with the awful filler music in each episode mind you Love Island is mind numbing. I just thought TVNZ would have blanket music rights and are able to use the music. I have to say removing the music does reduce the appeal for each episode. Last year TVNZ used all the music so I guess they are cutting costs this year.

  5. Cheers Philip for getting back to me with a reply from TVNZ. It does seem strange they need clearance for songs that are already played and available in NZ.

  6. Happy to help :) I used to work in a job adjacent to music rights clearance a couple of moons ago. As I mentioned, s clearance is significantly cheaper than international – and the domestic cost is something a host broadcaster is willing to wear as it enhances their product but not for international purchasers who are looking to add it to libraries.

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