New to TVNZ+: June 29-July 5

The latest Vicky McClure thriller, Insomnia, streams in weekly double-episodes from July 5.

The Line of Duty/Trigger Point star plays a successful career woman (Emma Averill) who fears she may be losing her mind when her life turns into a nightmare. Reads the blurb:

With just weeks to go until her 40th birthday, Emma stops sleeping – just as her mother did, right before she suffered a violent psychotic breakdown. As Emma’s world starts to unravel, she realises that only by investigating the truth of her painful past can she find the answers to her present, and prevent tragedy from striking a second time.

Radio Times thought the Paramount+ series “compelling and enjoyable” but said “fundamental elements of the story become lost in muddled subplots and twists”.

The Guardian dubbed it “a British psychological thriller, of the kind that used to blaze across two breathless episodes on ITV midweek, but now hangs around for six rather more pretentious ones on Paramount+ …

“And yet, Insomnia does reward those who abstain from fingering the skip button.”

Other newcomers include the UK’s first queer girl dating show, I Kissed a Girl (June 30), with Dannii Minogue, and two Red Bull documentaries charting the path of Olympians (July 3): Hayden Wilde: Determined for Greatness and The Next Centimetre, which follows pole vaulter Armand ‘Mondo’ Duplantis.

Also new are every episode of The Son (June 29), the return of Junior Bake Off (July 1) and from July 1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

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4 Responses to “New to TVNZ+: June 29-July 5”

  1. Does the possibility of TVNZ launching a 24-hour online news channel have any legs Philip? Or is this all just performative from a CEO desperate for good headlines and false hope for the newsroom?

  2. Afraid that’s above my pay grade, Leo, but I am surprised that some kind of rolling news service hasn’t been a TVNZ+ priority given: (i) it would have been a clear point of difference to ThreeNow until the latter launched CNN Fast, and (ii) all the investment TVNZ has in news resources, from its own newsgathering to global arrangements. But reading The Post article that’s the source of this info it seems that technical/infrastructural issues may be preventing this. “We’ve got a big audience across linear for news,” CEO Jodi O’Donnell says, “but it hasn’t been as easy for us to ensure that content is available fast on TVNZ+.”

  3. Replacing the evening headlines in ad-breaks and with the website headlines speaks volumes in how much TVNZ is dumbing down the news service.

  4. Cheers Philip, I guess we can remain hopeful of a local news stream on the platform and hopefully this digital spend on upgrading it’s on-demand service will help speed the process up.

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