New to TVNZ OnDemand in December

Next month TVNZ OnDemand will premiere a Sky Atlantic drama adaptation of Anaïs Nin’s “famously risque short stories”.

Little Birds is about two very different women in 1955 Morocco whose lives – and those of their lovers – become dangerously entangled in Tangier’s ‘International Zone’.

The Guardian dubbed it “a lush, intelligent reimagining of the author’s short stories, set in a land of unsuspected delights and fabulous degenerates …

“There are saturated colours everywhere you look, topped by turquoise skies and punctuated by the overbright greens of mansion lawns where the lavishly dressed elite lounge, served by brown-skinned natives.

“It’s Douglas Sirk with extra torque on his subversive vision of the suburban dream.”

The six-part series will stream from December 1, the same day as On Becoming a God in Central Florida, which The Hollywood Reporter hailed as “a tremendous star vehicle for Kirsten Dunst”.

She plays a minimum-wage waterpark worker in small-town Florida who lies, cheats and cons her way up the ranks of a cultish pyramid scheme that ruined her family in the first place.

“Even while portraying the heartbreaking realities of how such companies prey on the poor and desperate, the series hinges on a pitch-black comedic tone that keeps it off-kilter,” Variety said.

“The visual style weaves in a creeping strangeness to emphasise the wild hopelessness taking over every character from the inside out.”

Reef Break (December 22) stars Poppy Montgomery as a professional thief who makes waves as the fixer for a Pacific Islands governor.

IndieWire says it “swims in the same waters” as the Hawaii Five-O reboot “but is more content to hang loose than go high octane. It’s the series equivalent to a vacation in that it tickles the brain but doesn’t tax it. It’s wish-fulfillment that’s the stuff of beach reads.”

The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty (December 14) is a three-part series about the media mogul’s empire that The Telegraph quipped was an “enjoyably gossipy documentary indebted to Succession“.

New episodes of Maori bilingual drama Ahikāroa will drop on December 1, along with full seasons of Junior MasterChef Australia and Desperate Housewives, while joining the platform from December 16 will be S1-8 of Full House.

There also will be a British comedy binge-watch bonanza from December 5 with:

  • Absolutely Fabulous (S1-5 + 3 specials)
  • The Office UK (S1-2 + special)
  • Gavin & Stacey (S1-3 + 2 specials)
  • The Vicar of Dibley (S1-3 + 5 specials)
  • Extras (S1-2 + special)

The Dibley box set coincides with a series of “lockdown specials” next month on BBC1, in which Dawn French’s Geraldine will deliver 10-minute “sermons”.

Lined up for the kids are:

  • Islands of Mystery S1 (HEIHEI, December 7)
  • The Voice Kids UK S4 (December 8)
  • Tamariki Takeover S2 (HEIHEI, December 14)

New to TVNZ OnDemand’s branded channels from December 1 will be:


  • Lost in Paris
  • Double Lover

Fuel TV

  • Riding in Portugal S1
  • Strange Rumblings in Shangri-La


  • The Christmas Pact
  • A Christmas Wish
  • Four Christmases and a Wedding
  • My Christmas Prince

Outdoor Channel

  • Speargun Hunter S1-2
  • The Relunctant Outdoorsman S1
  • Anndy & Ben Eat The World S1
  • Wild Boar Fever S1
  • Fat Guys in the Woods S1
  • For Love or Likes S4


  • OUTSpoken S4
  • Drag Heals S2 Part 2
  • The Amazing Gayl Pile S2
  • Metro Sexual S1


  • Is the Man Who is Tall Happy
  • Paraguay, Drugs and Banana
  • Such Great Heights
  • Dirty Pictures

Walter Presents

  • Tunnel of Dreams S1
  • The Ranger S4.
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