New to TVNZ OnDemand in July

TVNZ OnDemand will premiere season two of Trust Me on Monday, along with the return of How to Get Away With Murder (S5), American Housewife (S3) and AP Bio (S2). 

“The second series of Trust Me is recast in all senses, and is now quite compelling, and all too plausible,” The Independent said.

It centres around the plight of a paraplegic soldier, flat on his back on a spinal-injuries ward in a Glasgow hospital. In the moodily lit scenes, he slowly comes to the realisation that the mortality rate there is unusually high and the next spot to be plotted on the graph of outlying negative treatment outcomes might be him.

Echoed The Guardian: “The opening instalment brews up a heady atmosphere of paranoia and helplessness, leavened by a virulent strain of dark humour.”

Trust Me creator Dan Sefton intended S2 to be a genuine sequel but that was before star Jodie Whitaker climbed aboard the TARDIS as the first female Doctor Who.

He told Radio Times he was planning series two while writing the first, and was ready to pitch it when the casting was announced.

We went back to the BBC and to Gaynor [Holmes, Head of Drama for BBC Scotland], and said, ‘Look we’ve got an idea for a completely different story, but the same kind of style and psychological’ — and we pitched her this idea and she said, ‘That sounds great’, so we worked it up and then luckily the BBC said, ‘Yeah, let’s do that’.

Also new from Monday will be One Hour That Changed the World, a documentary that promises “a whole new perspective on the story of the moon landing, following the last 60 minutes with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin before the most famous footstep in history”.

There also will be four new foreign language thrillers from July 22: Vanished by the Lake (S1), The Adulterer (S3), 13 Commandments (S1) and Elite Squad (S1-2).

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2 Responses to “New to TVNZ OnDemand in July”

  1. Any idea where Veronica Mars S4 is going to turn up? TVNZ have 1-3 OnDemand, but no announcement has been made about S4 here as far as I’ve seen.

  2. Hulu will premiere S4 on July 26 so I imagine it will be later this month or in early August. Streaming services in NZ often add content at the last minute. Will check with TVNZ to see if there’s a date.

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