New to View: August 2 – 8


Liar (S2) | TVNZ 1, 8.30

“Harry and Jack Williams’ thriller picks up where it left off three years ago, with the sex attacker surgeon, played by Ioan Gruffudd, dead in the Kent marshes … All involved do their very best with it, and the direction and cinematography are stylish. But I can’t help wishing Earlham had been left to rot in his sludgy grave, with no further explanation for his demise required.” — The Independent.

Australian Ninja Warrior (S4) | Three, 7.00

The latest season premieres a week after its Aussie debut, where it out-rated Farmer Wants a  Wife and Bachelor in Paradise — complete with a shock twist: the Power Tower.

➢ Naked and Afraid (S6) | Discovery, 8.30

Identical Kiwi twins are among the survivalists who risk “shark-filled waters off of the Bermuda Triangle, snake-infested jungles in the Philippines and the frozen peaks of the American North” in this 21-day siblings challenge.


Born Mucky: Life on the Farm | Living, 9.25

Follows the reality of life for three modern-day British farmers and their families as they work to protect their land, livestock and legacy across the seasons.


The Rain (S3) | Netflix

The Danish post-apocalyptic drama returns for its final six episodes, picking up where the previous season left off: Simone and Rasmus divided on how best to save humanity.


➢ Tiny Creatures | Netflix

“Little creatures, huge adventures: It looks like genuine footage, but thrilling new Netflix series Tiny Creatures was scripted and filmed like a movie using real animals – and the results are astonishing.” — Daily Mail.

Graysons Art Club | Sky Arts, 8.30

Grayson Perry reveals how he creates art works, talks to other famous artists, creatives and celebrity guests about life in lockdown, and offers masterclasses on art. “Filmed mostly in the artist Grayson Perry’s studio, there’s a homespun informality to the whole affair … intimate and playful.” — The New Statesman.

➢ Handmade in Bolton | Sky Arts, 10.30

Historian Dr Janina Ramirez and reformed forger Shaun Greenhalgh work to recreate ancient works of art, beginning with a jewelled eagle brooch fit for a Visigoth chieftain. 


➢ The Split (S2) | TVNZ 1, 9.50

“A high-end divorce lawyer with marital problems of her own? It is a solid setup with obvious dramatic potential, but premises don’t always come to pass in TV land. It took series one of The Split (BBC One) to prove that its writer/producer, Abi Morgan, and its star, Nicola Walker, were the team to deliver. Series two asks only that we settle in comfortably for more of the same.” — The Guardian.

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18 Responses to “New to View: August 2 – 8”

  1. Hi Phil, any idea why Three didn’t show the last episode of SVU this week? Perhaps it’s been rescheduled? Thanks.

  2. Hey, Aiden. I’m afraid SVU was a casualty of Three’s Australian Ninja Warrior strategy. Its 7.30 Monday broadcast runs until 9.10, which is where Three has rescheduled Big Brother after it tanked in primetime. There was no room in the middle for SVU. One of SVU’s strengths for Three is its episodic nature means it can be pulled without interrupting storylines and can be easily slotted back into the schedule. But the tactic does risk the network losing faith with the fans who made made SVU one of its primetime staples.

  3. Does Freeview have a new Android TV app enabling live streaming without getting a Smartvu? I saw on Twitter you can through Sony Bravia TV’s but can’t find an official press release.

  4. Yes, it does, Leo. Just about to post the release …

  5. Cheers, Philip. Also are the rumours true that Three have acquired The Masked Singer Australia featuring comedian Urzila Carlson?

  6. I wouldn’t be at all surprised, Leo. Will seek confirmation …

  7. Hey, Leo. MediaWorks has just confirmed it doesn’t have the license for The Masked Singer.

  8. Phil, any word on how the Home and Away 6:30 switch is going? I’m guessing good – given it has been 6 weeks and hasn’t switched back.

  9. Afraid not, Clint — I haven’t seen the ratings for a month or so. But it’s one of the things on my “to do” list.

  10. That’s interesting Philip as their Q4 rate card has it pencilled in for Thursdays. Is that a misprint on their part? I thought they would launch it here considering Urzila Carlson has a profile here but maybe the acts might be too unknown for us.

  11. The Q4 content announcement does mention The Masked Singer USA and not Australia. Perhaps you were mistaken?

  12. Yes, Fsmith, I think that might be the case. I specifically asked Three if it had licensed the Australian version, not the US original. It confirmed it had not licensed Ten’s format but didn’t acknowledge having acquired the US Singer.

  13. So to clarify, Three will air the US version instead?

  14. Yes, it looks that way, Leo, but still awaiting confirmation …

  15. Cheers Philip. Was looking forward to the Aussie version but any version is better than nothing.

  16. Hey, Leo, Three’s just confirmed it will air the US version. Chances are the Aussie series will follow if the original rates well.

  17. Cheers for that Philip, I’m looking forward to it. Who knows they may even launch a local version.

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