New to View: February 7 – 13

A weekly guide to what’s new of note on air and online


Holey Moley Australia Three, 7.30

“The debut episode, which rated an impressive 983,000 across the five capitals, gave you much of the information you’ll need to make a decision about Holey Moley. It’s brash, self-aware, and determined to batter its flaws into submission. It was labelled ‘extreme mini-golf, which is straight-forward but somewhat lacking … Hitting a golf ball around a rink has never been so ludicrously contrived.” — Sydney Morning Herald.

 Kevin McCloud’s Rough Guide to the Future Three, 9.00

“Kevin McCloud has traded Grand Designs for planet and humanity-saving innovations. As host of the three-part documentary series Kevin McCloud’s Rough Guide to the Future, he acts as a kind of ‘Charlie’, sending three ‘angels’ off to do his dirty work of finding out about the latest advances that could help get us out of the environmental and social crises we’ve created … Good, thought-provoking fun, with the travelling trio certainly not averse to a little self-deprecation, while McCloud provides the factoids and fear-inducing statistics without ever leaving the house.” — Stuff.

➢ Soulmates Amazon Prime Video

An anthology thriller set 15 years from now, when all you need to do to find your soulmate is to take a test. “From co-creators Brett Goldstein (Ted Lasso) and Will Bridges (writer of Black Mirror episode U.S.S. Callister), each of the six episodes focuses on an entirely different story and set of relationships. The chapters that work best, by a mile, are the ones that remain as firmly grounded in reality as a futuristic series can.” — Variety.



➢ Africa With Ade Adepitan BBC Earth, 8.30

“The Lagos-born Paralympian takes us on a moving odyssey across Africa, starting in Senegal. Thank goodness the BBC have moved on from the endless procession of white presenters in ‘colourful’ foreign lands … Travel documentaries are so much more nuanced, interesting and moving when people with actual connections to places go or return to them.” — The Guardian.

WWII And Cinema Sky Arts, 7.45

Part one of three. “World War II and cinema are inextricably linked. It was the first time that the film industry had to tackle a conflict as it was being fought. Films were made to boost public morale, and as a highly effective form of propaganda. Despite the dangers of bombings, cinema attendance actually rose during the war years, as the public looked for any chance to escape the harsh realities of the time. And long after the war’s end, directors have continued to return to the subject, to the point where so much of the conflict has been brought to the big screen: the horrors, and the heroism; the great battles, and the incredible personal stories. World War II, is a genre of film all to itself.” — Sky.


Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2020 TVNZ 2, 8.30

“Jimmy Carr opened the 2020 Big Fat Quiz of the Year with a gag about tax avoidance. During the intro, the comedian – who was presenting the show – ran though some of the biggest headlines of the past 12 months. At one point, he referenced the story where it was revealed that outgoing US president Donald Trump had paid just $750 in federal income tax in 2016. ‘I don’t know about you but I’m warming to the guy,’ Carr quipped. The 48-year-old was notoriously exposed for taking part in a tax avoidance scheme in 2012.” — The Independent.

Flying for Britain With David Jason Duke, 9.30

“The most interesting part of this film commemorating the Battle of Britain came from the veterans talking about their planes … So it is incumbent on any documentary touching upon those events to offer something new and, while Flying for Britain With David Jason was sincere and dignified, it never really took off.” — The i.

Capitani Netflix

Detective Luc Capitani investigates the mysterious death of a teenager after her body is found in the forest near a village in northern Luxembourg. The first season of 12 half-hour episodes originally aired in Luxembourg in 2019; a second season has been commissioned for 2022.


Filthy House SOS/It’s Your Fault I’m Fat TVNZ 1, 7.30/8.30

New self-explanatory self-improvement double-bill. Talk about FTA SOS! “Viewers slam Channel 5 hosts for ‘degrading’ and ‘humiliating’ woman with grimy flat.” — Entertainment Daily.


The Simpsons TVNZ 2, 7.00

New slot for the ‘toon, season 32 of which spearheads a comedy block that includes new episodes of Young Sheldon (7.30) and Mom (8.00). In the premiere, Mr Burns does an Undercover Boss and disguises himself as one of his nuclear plant employees. “Undercover Burns makes for a fun and informative season premiere episode. Mr. Burns always delivers, except on any promises he’s made.” — Den of Geek.

 Casualty BBC UKTV, 7.30

The long-running hospital drama returns for tis 35th season, with a moving take on the COVID-19 pandemic. “The special COVID episode portrayed the pandemic through the eyes of front line staff working in hospitals. Viewers were given an insight into what hospital wards looked like during the first wave, as doctors and nurses put their lives on the line to save others .. Following the show, fans flocked to Twitter to comment on the meaningful episode.” — The Sun.

Watergate Prime, 8.30

While Sky shamefully maintains the History Channel as SD-only, this acclaimed documentary at least is being broadcast free-to-air in HD. Part one of four. “It’s a near definitive portrait of the granddaddy of 20th-century political scandals, in all its nitty, gritty, dirty-tricks-and-Tricky-Dicks glory.” — Rolling Stone.

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  1. Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier '/' in /home/customer/www/ on line 66
    February 7, 2021 at 1:44 pm

    Filthy House SOS and It’s Your Fault I’m Fat screening on TVNZ 1 is a wrong channel choice that probably be better suited to TVNZ 2 at least. I would criticise TVNZ 1 lineup for being rubbish and degrading to the lowest common denominator.

  2. Yes, Sheldon, such programming is a telling comment on the state of FTA TV.

  3. With Star getting ever closer I wonder if Disney will make any more announcements about movies and TV shows? I have a feeling there will be more added 🙂

  4. YAY, just saw an ad on TVNZ for Star but it said as coming soon but surely it should have said 23rd February with it being only 2 weeks away. Do you guys get the feeling I’m excited about Star 🙂

  5. Just a tad, Trevor…lol!

  6. I would like to watch some shows on Star.

  7. It’s going to be hard deciding what to watch first, there is so much to choose from 🙂

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