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Kiwi Survival Discovery

Kiwi bushman Josh James (Kings of the Wild) and his fellow guides descend into some of the country’s claustrophobia-inducing limestone caves, battle New Zealand’s volatile weather and take on the Wanganui River Swamp to map out extreme adventure tours for the adrenalin junkies who are their clients. “We’re just a bunch of mates out there having fun and getting it done,” James told The TV Guide. “All the other reality TV shows are strangers or just people put in awkward situations, like Naked And Afraid. This is just me and my mates out in the bush having a good time. I mean we do have a few mishaps along the way but there’s a lot of fun.”


CB Strike: Lethal White SoHo, 8.30

Tom Burke and Holliday Grainger return as JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith’s odd-couple sleuths for a fourth case. “I wasn’t entirely sure what happened in Strike: Lethal White but I enjoyed it anyway. The secret is to stop trying to unpick the crime thriller’s knotty plotting. Instead just revel in the noir-ish atmosphere and blistering chemistry of the performances.” — The Telegraph.

Euphoria: Fuck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob SoHo, 9.30/Neon

“This episode spends a great deal of time re-tilling familiar ground, running through old story with a degree of style and flair that feels applied to hide that there’s not much new here … What was charming in a full season of the show, where information was parceled out sparingly over time, comes to feel excruciating in an hour-long sit that plainly wants to get somewhere but dithers too long getting there.” — Variety.


 Snowpiercer Netflix

US network TNT has ordered a third season of this sci-fi thriller even before the second season debuts. New to the cast of S2, which will stream weekly, is Sean Bean. Here’s what to expect.

 Charmed Neon

S3, express from the US. “Following season two’s showrunner switch, Charmed leaned more into the kind of supernatural shenanigans that won Buffy the Vampire Slayer such a huge fanbase, with monsters of the week and a good guy gone bad forming the spine of the series. We’d expect that to continue in season three, with a fresh Big Bad giving the girls grief.” — Digital Spy.


Inside the Bomb Squad Duke, 9.30

“The gents of the bomb squad do a first-class job, sadly it doesn’t make for first-class television … A calm head and a measured response to danger are essential to the job — but it didn’t make for the most thrilling TV. It was, no doubt, why the voiceover was as over the top and high octane as a toddler who’d had too much sugar.” — Daily Mail.

50M2 Netflix

New Turkish dark comedy about a mysterious hitman on the run who hides in a 50sqm tailor shop in a foreign neighbourhood, where the locals think he is the son of the deceased store-owner.


Frickin Dangerous Bro … On the Road  TVNZ On Demand

Pax Assadi, Jamaine Ross and James Roque visit small towns to get to know the locals before performing a comedy show. “I think there’s a reputation about small-town New Zealand that it’s, for whatever reason, not very inclusive or whatever,” Roque told The TV Guide, “but we wanted to disprove that.”


The Repair Shop TVNZ 1, 7.30

Back in its weekly hour-long slot at last is this restoration crowdpleaser. As The Times so aptly said of its latest run in the UK: “One of the beautiful things about this gentle series is a reminder that people live on in their keepsakes.” The Repair Shop’s return spearheads a “new” look for Friday nights on TVNZ 1 that comprises repeats of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings and Schitt’s Creek (the title of the latter sums up the state of NZ free-to-air programming post-Netflix).

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