New to View: March 7 – 13

A weekly guide to what’s new of note on air and online


National Treasures TVNZ 1, 8.30

Kiwi variation on Antiques Roadshow, but with the emphasis on the stories behind people’s cherished or historic possessions rather than their monetary value.

Banished TVNZ Ondemand

Jimmy McGovern’s new [penal colony] drama, set in a scorching untamed New South Wales, is struggling to break off the shackles … Despite its gritty setting Banished is occasionally so fluffy and soapy that it comes across as the Neighbours origin story, or a weird Home & Away reboot.” —  Independent.


Six Angry Women TVNZ 1, 8.30

Director Megan Jones uses the bizarre 1984 abduction and tying to a tree of Auckland academic and playwright Mervyn Thompson to “spin a feminist story about … The #MeToo movement is not women’s first rodeo in terms of dealing with harassment and violence. It was happening at that time. It’s a period that hasn’t had a lot of light like the #MeToo movement. Their mothers and grandmothers were equally battling the same battles.”


Oprah With Meghan and Harry Three, 7.30

The chat show queen has promised her interview with the not-so-royal couple will be “shocking” with “nothing off limits”. By the time Three airs it, a day after CBS, most of the juiciest stuff already will have made headlines. Coincidentally, it pips TVNZ 1’s 8.30 Wednesday premiere of The Royals Revealed, which opens with the Charlies-Diana-Camilla love triangle.

Man in Room 301 Rialto, 8.30

Part one of six. “This dark Finnish thriller centres on a devastating family tragedy: in 2009, while the Kurtti family are holidaying in their summer cabin, their two-year-old son Tommi is killed by a gunshot. 12 years later, the family return to the scene of the crime for their summer break and grandfather Risto Kurtti (Antti Virmavirta) receives a mysterious, threatening letter that reawakens suspicions surrounding Tommi’s death. Meanwhile, local boy Elias Leppo begins to take an interest in the family, unnerving dad Mikko (Andrei Alén).” — The Guardian.


Snowfall SoHo, 9.30

Season four premiere of the dense drama series about the rise of crack in ’80s LA. “The first four episodes pull on a lot of different plot threads, interweaving them in ways reminiscent of the best crime fiction, like the work of James Ellroy or Walter Mosley, the latter a producer and writer on the show.” — The AV Club.


The One Netflix

“The latest series to arrive at the top of Netflix’s home-screen comes with the same high-concept idea as Amazon’s recent Soulmates: that in the near-future a simple DNA test can instantly link you up with your perfect partner … It comes from Howard Overman, the British screenwriter whose most acclaimed success was Misfits. That was a cult hit on E4, and The One might find its match with the same audience.” — The Times.

Marvel Studios Assembled Disney+

New series of documentary specials that promises a comprehensive behind-the-scenes exploration of MCU movies and series, starting with WandaVision. Watch for further instalments about The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki and the Black Widow movie.

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