New to View: November 14 – 20

A weekly guide to what’s new of note on air and online


➢ Dr. Death TVNZ 1, 10.45

One of the most popular Peacock originals to stream in the US lands a late-night linear run following its TVNZ OnDemand launch. “Eight-hour affirmation of every fear and insecurity that you have about surgery … Focuses on a Dallas-based neurosurgeon who was accused of killing multiple patients and leaving dozens more injured in a not-brief-enough reign of either terror, ineptitude or some combination of the two … Generally watchable and largely persuasive in its paranoia-enhancing depiction of the medical-industrial complex” — The Hollywood Reporter.

➢ On The Trail: Inside The 2020 Primaries SoHo, 9.30

Belated premiere of CNN’s cinema verité series about a team of female journalists on last year’s campaign trail. “The whole project is frustratingly indicative of CNN’s political coverage at large, which-despite having the resources and hired talent to do better-manages to point its camera in the correct direction and still miss the big story entirely.”  — The AV Club.


Proof TVNZ 1, 9.30

Broadcaster Guyon Espiner explores why he drank so much, for so long as part of a wider investigation into NZ’s drinking culture. “To do that, he uses his own personal journey — including swapping embarrassing blackout incidents with fellow teetotaller, the comedian Rhys Mathewson — in an attempt to find out why alcohol plays such a big part in our lives. What he finds is shocking.” — The Spinoff.

➢ Lies and Deceit Netflix

“The show is a remake of the British drama Liar that originally premiered in 2017 on ITV. The new remake is bringing together a talented cast of Spanish actors, all bringing a new spin on the familiar characters.” — The Express.

➢ Belgravia TVNZ OnDemand

Julian Fellowes’ Downton Abbey successor, which hitherto only has been circulated here on DVD, at last is showcased in HD. “Based on Fellowes’ novel of the same name, Belgravia comes with the promise that unlike most book-to-broadcast blockbusters, there is no risk of a second season. Fellowes framed the novel as a singular narrative and he has done the same with its screen adaptation. In part that is a fair nod to the limited series format, but also an acknowledgement that this is a very different story to Downton, and one with intentionally higher stakes and a cracking pace that flies towards the kind of finish that leaves little room for sequels.” — Sydney Morning Herald.


The World’s Biggest Drug Lord Three, 9.45

Discovery+ documentary about Asia’s ‘El Chapo’, southern Chinese-born Tse Chi Lop, who built a $US60 billion empire. Screens free-to-air here and in Australia the same time it streams internationally.

➢ Yellowjackets Neon

“Follows a high school soccer team that gets stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash and then, 25 years later, the remaining survivors having to cope with it as thoroughly traumatised adults. It blends teen tropes, horror, and psychological drama with a confidence that makes it hard to stop watching, even at its most gruesome.” — Variety.


Gordon, Gino and Fred Go Greek! TVNZ 1, 8.30

Gordon, Gino and Fred Go Greek! was essentially ‘classic’ Top Gear with fancy food instead of rumbling motors – and with more wink-nudge jokes than a Carry On … double-bill. And for those who enjoyed low-brow chortles and high-end cuisine, this will have gone down a treat. Viewers with an emotional age of 12 or older may, on the other hand, have despaired of a travel documentary that emphasised rib-poking over insight.” — The i.

➢ Wolfe SoHo, 9.30

Babou Ceesay plays TV’s first bipolar forensic pathologist in a new six-part series from screenwriter Paul Abbott (Shameless, No Offence). “For some, Wolfe’s almost cartoonish goriness may verge on pantomime  … And, sigh, here is yet another forensics genius … However, in Ceesay’s hands, what could implode into cliche is enlivened with kinetic energy and cheeky wisecracks.” — The Guardian.


The Flash Neon

S8 opens with a five-part crossover special that stars numerous Arrowverse ‘guests’ trying to thwart a powerful alien threat arrives on Earth under mysterious circumstances.


➢ The Wheel of Time Amazon Prime Video

“Given that it has already been renewed for a second season, Amazon clearly has high hopes for this lavish fantasy drama. Based on Robert Jordan’s novels of the same name, The Wheel of Time stars Rosamund Pike as Moiraine, a member of the Aes Sedai, a sect of women endowed with magical gifts. It’s pitched somewhere between Game of Thrones and Britannia but, initially at least, lacks either the former’s seething intrigue or the latter’s wayward irreverence. However, the world-building feels subtle and patient enough to be worth persevering with. As we join Moiraine’s tiny band they’re in retreat but strong bonds are forming in adversity.” — The Guardian.

➢ Cowboy Bebop Netflix

“Netflix’s newest offering to subscribers is a take on one of the most influential anime shows of all time, but the early word on the street is that the live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop does not translate the old jazzy spirit of the original series.” — SlashFilm.


 The Great Neon

The Great, a witty take on Russian Empress Catherine (Elle Fanning), returns with more court intrigue and opulent costumes .. The princess married Peter III (Nicholas Hoult) in Season 1, but his poor management of the kingdom drove her to stage a coup. Her dresses went from whimsical florals to attention-grabbing hues like hot pink. Now she’s with child — meaning flowy gowns!” — TV Insider.

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