New Trailers from Netflix and Disney+

Directed and produced by Oscar-nominated Rory Kennedy and executive produced by Ron Howard and Leonardo DiCaprio, The Volcano: Rescue From Whakaari (Netflix, December 16) chronicles the minute-by-minute accounts of the eruption in 2019.

The documentary was done in collaboration with the local community and puts the people who experienced this tragedy first, allowing them to tell their own story, in their own way.

Through first-hand video and audio by those on the island and surrounding area, the film depicts the tragic moments of those caught in the eruption and the survivors and the everyday people who came to their rescue.

S3 of Emily in Paris (Netflix, December 21) is set a year after Emily moved from Chicago to Paris for her dream job.

Faced with two very different paths, Emily will have to decide exactly where her loyalties lie — at work and in her romantic life — and what those decisions mean for her future in France, all while continuing to immerse herself in the adventures and surprising twists and turns that life in Paris provides.

Night at the Museum: Kahmunrah Rises Again (Disney+, December 9) is an animated movie spun off the live-action franchise, about a teenage night watchman at the American Museum of Natural History who tries to stop a demented overlord from unlocking the Egyptian underworld and freeing its Army of the Dead.

It features the voices of Joshua Bassett, Jamie Demetriou, Alice Isaaz, Gillian Jacobs, Joseph Kamal, Thomas Lennon, Zachary Levi, Akmal Saleh, Kieran Sequoia, Jack Whitehall, Bowen Yang, and Steve Zahn.

The riotous antics of angst-ridden, disaster-prone middle school student Greg Heffley continue in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (Disney+, December 2), focusing this time around on his complicated relationship with older brother Rodrick.

A spikey-haired high school student, Rodrick is lazy and undisciplined and spends way too much time practicing with his rock band, Löded Diper. While he loves to torment Greg, he ultimately has a deep affection for his younger brother.

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