New US Season Triggers TV2 Revamp


The start of the fall TV season in the US will see a slew of new dramas fast-tracked on TV2.

Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory premieres next week and in the last week of September the network will launch Lethal Weapon, The Exorcist and This Is Us.

The movie spin-offs will replace The Sunday Premiere Movie and This Is Us will screen 8.30 Tuesdays, roughly a week after its US launch.

This Is Us is an ensemble dramedy about a group of people who share the same birthday, and so much more than anyone would expect, reports Variety, which dubbed it “one of the most buzzed about pilots” of the season.

“At minimum, This Is Us is a terrific 42-minute indie film,” TVLine reckons.

“Depending on what Episode 2 looks like in the wake of a significant end-of-pilot development, this could very well be TV’s next Parenthood, inviting you to celebrate the characters’ triumphs and sympathise with their setbacks, Kleenex-brand facial tissues always at the ready.

“This much is certain: Of all the pilots premiering this fall, this is one you will watch a second time.”

Months before its premiere, NBC’s trailer garnered over 17 million views in less than three days — a record for a new fall show.

And according to a MediaLife magazine poll, US media buyers rated This Is Us as one of fall’s five top new shows.

Based on the pilot, The Hollywood Reporter wasn’t as optimistic about the Lethal Weapon spin-off, which will air 8.30 Sundays, rating its prospects as moderate.

“It looks like Lethal Weapon will just be a weekly dose of bickering cops and it’ll struggle with different directors to repeat the pilot’s production values.

“The best thing to remember is that a legit Lethal Weapon TV series would have to be on FX or Showtime or something and this is the Fox version. It’s not awful, but it doesn’t have much edge.”

Happily, Variety reports its stablemate, The Exorcist, delivers more than just scares.

“Fox’s version of the well-known tale of Satanic possession is much more than just another attempt to capitalise on the box office of an established property.

“The first instalment of the drama does a truly impressive job of establishing a mournful atmosphere, as it sketches out an array of characters worth following on what promises to be a very challenging journey …

“It might be heretical to do so, but you could say that this Exorcist honours the sacraments of the original.”

Lethal Weapon premieres September 21 on Fox and The Exorcist, September 23; they will screen back-to-back on TV2 from September 25.

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