Newshub to Put the HD Into Headlines

MediaWorks has saved the best news ’til last: a day after announcing when Newshub Live would launch, it’s finally confirmed all news and current affairs will be in HD from February 1.

This is an overdue first for broadcasting in this country, where all news services, from free-to-air to pay, have languished in SD for far too long.

The 1080i presentation will be in marked contrast to the appallingly compressed news feeds on Sky’s channels and will make One News’ studio and field footage look shabby by comparison.

Everything will go out in HD, from Paul Henry in the morning to Story at night, and the midday, evening and late-night news bulletins.

TV3’s already experimented with HD current affairs, when the field reports of 3D outshone the SD quality of the studio segments.

But this will be the first time everything, from reportage to interviews, has been transmitted in HD.

Skeptics will argue the higher specs won’t improve the calibre of journalism but that’s like saying the introduction of colour printing didn’t improve the experience of reading a newspaper.

Similarly, HD will make watching the news more immediate, revealing and immersive, combining sharper aesthetics with cutting-edge graphics and unrivalled clarity while putting newsmakers under greater scrutiny.

TV3 has led the FTA market in everything from widescreen to 5.1 sound to HD broadcasting, and viewers can only hope its latest innovation will finally spur TVNZ to literally sharpen up its news coverage.

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    January 22, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    YIPPEE,that’s wonderful news, Philip … can’t wait to see the news more clearly 🙂

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