Not Such a Wonderful World for Robin Williams Fans UPDATED

The shocking death of Robin Williams has prompted TV One to pre-empt the 9.30 Saturday season finale of Vera to screen the movie, Good Morning Vietnam.

Williams received his first Oscar nomination for playing a radical US Armed Services DJ but would have to wait another 10 years before winning for Good Will Hunting (which Prime is pre-empting Poirot for to screen 8.30 Saturday Sunday).

Unfortunately, the movies won’t be in HD and Vera fans will have to wait for Death of a Family Man to be rescheduled.

Williams fans can also see the comic demi-god in The Crazy Ones (Four, 9.00 Mondays), which is midway through its only season, but what would be best would be SoHo dusting off some of his HBO specials.

Due out on Blu-ray this time next month is Williams’ most recent release, the widely panned The Angriest Man in Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, TV3 has announced it will screen an extra weekly episode of The Block NZ  when series three premieres 7.30 on August 26.

The show will screen Tuesday-Friday, which means it will clash with TV One’s My Kitchen Rules on some nights, while The X Factor Australia will switch to Sunday-Monday.

“The last two series of The Block NZ surpassed our expectations in terms of viewer engagement and we have built a huge fan base around the show,” TV3’s director of programming Mark Caulton says.

“Our audience have consistently told us that they want to see more of The Block NZ, and this year it’s fantastic to be able to offer them a bigger, better series than ever before.”

“We’ve always had a lot more great footage than we can use each week, so this year we’re happy to be able to bring viewers even more of the action,” commissioning chief Sue Woodfield says.

Other changes include transforming houses much closer than previously to downtown Auckland (in the sought-after suburb of Point Chevalier) and the addition of magazine editor Shelley Ferguson and architect Mark Gascoigne as new judges.

Mark Richardson and Shannon Ryan again will be the hosts.

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5 Responses to “Not Such a Wonderful World for Robin Williams Fans UPDATED”

  1. Good Morning Vietnam! Good night Mrs Doubtfire, genie. This is Mork from Ork signing off. Nah-noo-nah-noo. Good night sweet prince of comedy, thank you for making us laugh and cry.

  2. RIP Robin Williams a true legend. The world has lost such a great talent! Gone but never forgotten.

  3. Hi Phil. Just a correction … Good Will Hunting will air Sunday night, not Saturday.

  4. D’ohhhh! Thanks, Clint. Will amend.

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