Nothing Namby-Pamby About New Nan

Catherine Tate’s Nan is not your mother’s nan.

TV2 will screen the controversial “foul-mouthed and racist” comedy special on July 20 at 9.30, after the two-hour season finale of My Kitchen Rules.

Reads the innocuous publicity: “Nan’s aggressive attitude to harmless pensioners sees her forced to attend anger management classes.”

But the Express reports she also makes curry jokes about her new Indian neighbour, pokes fun at Muslim women in burkas and uses the F-word four times (although another critic commended the writers for keeping “the sweariness to a minimum to give it maximum effect“).

“Maybe her ISIS bomber humour was a little close to the wire,” the Mail acknowledged, “but Tate is right, comedy shouldn’t be all careful and nice.

“My ­problem wasn’t her targets, it was that Nan simply ran out of steam. (Not literally, sadly, the fart gags were well overdone).”

“She was just irrepressible and that’s why we love her,” argued The Independent while The Guardian welcomed Nan’s return after 10 years.

“The idea – foul-mouthed, mean, selfish, racist old dragon, moaning about the modern world and everything else – wasn’t the most original idea even then.

“It doesn’t really surprise: a lot of the gags announce themselves before they happen. Studio laughter is unacceptable these days. There might be a bit of swearing but no boundaries are being pushed.

“But it is still fun – and funny – because of Tate’s fabulous, full-on performance. All of her – eyes, shoulders, posture, hands, fingers (especially fingers), timing of course – is thrown into it, into being Nan. And I love that little machine gun cackle, ahahahaha.”

Those who wonder what all the feckin’ fuss was about all be pleased to see the return of another crowd pleasing curmudgeon when TV One brings back Mrs Brown’s Boys in a few weeks.

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