NZOA Invests $10M in Factual Content

Three’s top-rating Match Fit has been renewed for a third season in NZ On Air’s latest factual content funding round.

Some of the $10.4 million went towards digital projects but among the TV series were further seasons of Designing Dreams, Down for LoveHyundai Country Calendar and A Living Hell: Apartment Disasters.

New commissions include two four-part series for TVNZ 1: one about the rebuilding of Scott Base, the other about 12 volunteers with dementia who run a restaurant.

Here’s the media release:

Bringing social issues into the spotlight amongst latest factual content funded by NZ On Air

NZ On Air has announced just under $10.4m of funding for factual projects that include content bringing important social issues in Aotearoa into the spotlight.

These include a new series that delves into the topic of extreme anxiety in the face of the COVID -19 pandemic and another delving into the realities of living with dementia, while a new podcast series provokes honest conversation among our young people on societal pressures around sex.

NZ On Air Head of Funding, Amie Mills, says it’s good to see content that recognises the new world we live in and that will start conversations.

“This content plays such an important part in reflecting our communities and the changes that have taken place for all sectors and age groups within our society. It’s shining a light on topics that deserve deeper discussion and at a time of immense global shift.”

On the theme of social issues, the NZ Herald’s Unravelling Anxiety is a highly topical video series that will look at how people from different cultural backgrounds experience anxiety. Anxiety disorders have grown as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns and their ongoing effects.

Self-esteem and the myth of dementia is addressed in TVNZ 1’s The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes. The series addresses the trials and tribulations of a group of 12 volunteers, all with dementia, who come together to run a restaurant.

Also coming together is the cream of Aotearoa’s music and comedy talent – for a special tribute to the much-loved comedy duo The Topp Twins in celebration of their 40-year career. An event that will take place at Auckland’s Civic Theatre in November, Topp Class will be a television and radio event for Prime and RNZ.

Comedian Janaye Henry hosts the smart, unpredictable and fast-paced chat show Whātūwera! (Far too hot!) for The Spinoff, a series about important issues affecting young people in Aotearoa today.

Young people, sex and love will also be tackled, with the Good Sex Projectpodcast series for Stuff and Re:. This eight-part series, hosted by Melody Thomas – creator of the award-winning podcast BANG! – looks at how sex is represented in the media and how wider societal contexts impact our choices.

For release in cinemas and on Whakaata Māori, Alien Weaponry – The Film is a 90-minute documentary that follows the rise to fame of this group of young Māori heavy metal musicians, alongside the struggles they face dealing with success at a young age.

Heading into the outdoors, Haututū Hunters for Whakaata Māori, takes four friends, all inexperienced hunters, from their urban day-to-day into the environmental unknown where they go on a journey of discovery learning the food gathering ways of their tīpuna.

The Scott Base Rebuild – Building the Future on Ice is a four-part architectural/building documentary series that will follow the design and build of Scott Base’s groundbreaking new future-proofed ice hub in Antarctica, a world first construction project.

The Canvas is a biographical sports podcast for Rova that follows predominantly Māori and Pasifika elite level fighters who, despite international success, have rarely had their stories told in mainstream sports.

Local audience favourites Country Calendar, Designing Dreams and NZ Hip Hop Stand Up return to Aotearoa’s screens for another season, along with the Attitude Awards 2022 televised in December.

We also meet more delightful personalities and hear their aspirations for love as Down For Love returns following a much-loved first season, plus more in the compelling series Breaking Silence, showcasing the impacts of COVID-19 on domestic abuse in New Zealand.

Funding details:
Scott Base Rebuild – Building the Future on Ice, 4 x 44’, Imagination Television for TVNZ 1, up to $1,972,128.
A documentary series following the design and build of Scott Base’s ground-breaking new future-proofed ice hub in Antarctica, a world first construction project.

The Restaurant that Makes Mistakes, 4 x 44’, Great Southern Television for TVNZ 1, up to $539,943.
An uplifting, heartwarming social experiment that follows the trials, tribulations and triumphs of a group of 12 volunteers experiencing dementia who will come together to run a restaurant.

Haututū Hunters, 6 x 26’, Hi Mama for Whakaata Māori, up to $350,344.
Each week four haututū (mischievous) mates get together to regain lost knowledge once held by their tīpuna.

Unravelling Anxiety, 10 x 6’, Digital Alchemist for NZ Herald, up to $255,950.
Unravelling Anxiety will look at how people from different cultural backgrounds experience anxiety here in Aotearoa.

Topp Class, 1 x 72’, Diva Productions for Prime and RNZ, up to $245,478.
The cream of Aotearoa’s musical and comedy talent pay tribute to the Topp Twins in a live concert at Auckland’s Civic Theatre, for the 40th anniversary of these well-loved kiwi icons.

Whatuwera! with Janaye Henry, 6 x 7’, Hex Work for The Spinoff, up to $235,827.
Comedian Janaye Henry hosts a smart, unpredictable and fast-paced chat show about important issues affecting young people in Aotearoa today.

Alien Weaponry – The Film, 1 x 90’, The Down Low Concept for Whakaata Māori, up to $36,000.
A documentary showcasing a group of young Māori musicians and their rise to fame, along with the struggles that come from success at a young age.

The Good Sex Project, 8 x 45’ podcasts, Popsock Media for Stuff, up to $144,783.
Podcast series hosted by Melody Thomas, creator of the award-winning podcast BANG!, about sex and love, and guidance on how to navigate them.

The Canvas, 8 x 45’ podcasts, Tama & George Records for Rova, up to $105,870.
Biographical sports podcast that gets under the guards of some of Aotearoa’s most colourful fighters, their networks and their communities, to deliver tales of triumph and tragedy.

Match Fit 3, 6 x 44’, Pango Productions for Three, up to $1,639,287.
Legends Tawera Nikau and Sir Graham Lowe lead a team of rugby league greats to see if they can get back in shape and face arch rivals, the Classic Kangaroos, in Australia.

Designing Dreams 2, 6 x 44′, Imagination Television for Prime, up to $767,392.
Top architects select the homes they believe are Aotearoa’s most exceptional and, during the journey, discover their vision for our housing future.

Hyundai Country Calendar 2023, 40 x 23’, Television New Zealand for TVNZ 1, up to $636,630.
People portraits of New Zealanders who make their living from the land or sea, focused on their work, physical surroundings, whānau and community.

A Living Hell: Apartment Disasters Series 2, 3 x 44’, E2 Productions for Prime, up to $524,401.
John Gray and Roger Levie uncover more horror stories about defective apartments around NZ and meet the unfortunate owners who suffer the emotional and financial impact.

Down for Love 2, 5 x 44’, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 2, up to $481,129.
A factual observational series that introduces audiences to the unique personalities and aspirations of people with an intellectual disability.

Frank 5, 22 x 7’, Frank Film for Frank Film, up to $451,420.
A docuseries with stories of national significance from the South, home to one in four New Zealanders, Frank is a mix of current affairs, character-driven stories and histories.

NZ Hip Hop Stand Up 3, 7 x 9’, The Downlow Concept for RNZ and The Coconet.TV, up to $358,081.
A series that looks at key songs from over the 30-year history of hip hop in Aotearoa, with each episode focused on one song, the artists behind the songs and the impact each had in Aotearoa.

Breaking Silence 3, 8 x 12’, Magnetic Pictures for TP+ and Whakaata Māori, up to $334,894.
A compelling eight-part sequel series that exposes the impacts of COVID-19 on domestic abuse in New Zealand.

Untold Pacific History 2, 3 x 23’ + 3 x 30’ podcasts, Tikilounge Productions for RNZ and Coconet.TV, up to $307,843.
Untold Pacific History explores little known aspects of NZ’s history in the region, and the extraordinary stories that resulted from these interactions with Pacific ‘realm nations’ that impact Pacific lives today.

No Place Like Home 2, 6 x 10’, Trajectory Media for Stuff, up to $304,116.
A second season which follows the resettlement journey of six individuals or families who move to Aotearoa to escape political turmoil in their home countries over the coming year.

K’ Road Chronicles 3, 8 x 12’, Magnetic Pictures for Stuff and Whakaata Māori, up to $288,981.
An informative, captivating and surprising series providing an important voice for our homeless and marginalised citizens.

Attitude Awards 2022, 1 x 44’, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1, up to $172,063.
Televised coverage of the Attitude Awards that celebrate the achievements of Kiwis with disabilities.

The Side Eye 4, 10 x 6’, Hex Work Limited for The Spinoff, up to $86,100.
Monthly online animated non-fiction comic series that explores some of NZ’s trickiest conversations in an accessible, easy-to-follow and easy-to-share way, by award-winning artist Toby Morris.

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  1. “Factual content” is the rebranded name for reality TV? 😛

  2. I understand your cynicism, thx1138, but it’s a catch-all term for everything from reality and lifestyle to documentary and current affairs.

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