Humans Reborn on The Zone

The Zone has picked up the Swedish sci-fi drama series that spawned Channel 4’s Humans.

Set in a parallel version of our world, in which society has been forever changed by a new generation of robots, known as hubots, Real Humans will screen 10.30 Wednesdays from October 19.

It follows the leaders of a rogue group of hubots who are fighting for freedom from the humans who have enslaved their kind.

In its comparison of the original with the re-make, Den of Geek said while the set-up was similar — a middle-class suburban family (two parents, two daughters and a son) acquire a female domestic synth/hubot — there were “lots” of differences and nuances.

“By the end of series one, both shows wind up in very different places. In the Swedish show, several of the main characters die, while their UK counterparts are still living.”

The Swedish version also has a stronger emphasis on political themes, a Stepford Wives-like tone and “loads of gratuitous nudity”.

Real Humans appears more interested in the civil rights issues presented by Hubots. It uses them much as the first season of True Blood used vampires, to stand in for other historically oppressed groups – slaves, and women.”

Which version is superior?

“Despite the broad strokes overlap, there’s enough difference between them to make it worthwhile watching both, even if it will mean losing some of the surprises of whichever you see second,” Den of Geek says.

“Our verdict? If you loved Humans, you’ll enjoy going back to the source. Have your Swedish cake and eat it.”

But the creator of Real Humans was disappointed that British viewers’ first taste of the series was the Anglo-American adaptation rather than the original that has been bought by networks in 50 countries.

Lars Lundstrom told The Independent on Sunday that the decision to remake the cult hit as Humans for the UK and US markets is “weird” because British audiences, in particular, would feel right at home with the edgy Swedish original.

Two seasons of Real Humans, each comprising 10 one-hour eps, were made.

There’s no word on when TV3 will premiere season two of Humans, which started shooting in April and has yet to be scheduled by Channel 4.

According to the writers, the next series will ‎will go further in exploring the relationship between humans and synths and feature more conscious ‎synths.

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