Oscars to Screen Only This Afternoon – and Only on Sky

Astonishingly, your only chance to see this year’s Oscars in HD is today, when Sky Movies screens the 83rd annual Academy Awards ceremony live from 2.30pm.

It won’t be repeated on Sky Movies in peak hour and not even Sky’s free-to-air channel, Prime, is providing delayed coverage; the only re-run will be on Sky Movies 2, in SD, from 4.30pm.

The lack of FTA interest in one of the world’s biggest global telecasts would be extraordinary if not for the Oscars’ perennial inability to drew a significant audience here.

Meanwhile, for a sneak peek of how this year’s coverage will differ from previous years, The Hollywood Reporter has published 8 Ways the Oscars are Going to be Radically Different and reports “there will be no Ricky Gervais moments”.

And don’t expect to see them here, but during the US telecast ABC will run promotions of its 20/20 interview with Two and a Half Men’s Charlie Sheen, the star of the HD hit that’s had its 2010/11 season cut short by his outbursts about creator Chuck Lorre.

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5 Responses to “Oscars to Screen Only This Afternoon – and Only on Sky”

  1. Wow. Sky does it again. They don’t give a toss for people who don’t watch sport.

    I suppose this is what you get with a monopoly.

  2. Biggest problem with the Oscars when they were on FTA was that they started about 9.30pm and were edited highlights or were shown at the weekend as a two-hour package with alot of the interesting stuff cut out … though Sky really knows how to screw people. This year it was on their movie channel. I think last year it was on Vibe or the like so you could watch it with the basic package.

  3. I agree that the FTA channels never promoted the Oscars properly, not even when Kiwis were poised to take centrestage. It’s disappointing Prime didn’t run even a highlights package but credit to Sky for bringing them to us live and in HD. It did so last year, too, also on Sky Movies. Sky’s never shown the Oscars on any of its other channels but does use entertainment channels E! for red carpet coverage and Vibe for the Emmy Awards.

  4. Who cares — the Oscars have always been a mutual backslapping affair and no indicator of quality.

  5. I eventually watched the US ABC feed of the show. Three things I noticed.

    1. It’s not live but on a delay loop. When Melissa Leno gets her Oscar she lets slip with the F word which is bleeped out compared with the CTV (Canada) feed where it was left in.
    2. Apart from the ABC ID logo for 10 seconds after the ad break there was no other logos. NZ networks take note!!
    3. No squashed end credits with endless voice-overs about what’s coming up next week.

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