Prime Video Dusts off Rust for March

Fans of the underrated Showtime drama American Rust that’s screening free-to-air on Sky Open following its SoHo run will have to sign up to Prime Video to stream the second season from March 28.

The original, which stars Jeff Bridges and Maura Tierney, can still be streamed on Neon but S2 will be exclusive to Prime Video after the Amazon service picked up the atmospheric crime drama in the wake of Showtime’s cancellation.

Reads the blurb for American Rust: Broken Justice (spoiler alert if you’ve not seen S1):

Four months after the shoot-out in West Virginia, Del has returned to the Pittsburgh P.D. while the folks in Buell try to get their lives back on track. Del and his new work partner Angela, are assigned a high-profile bombing case that proves to be quite complex. Del finds himself back in the folds of The Brotherhood and he struggles to find the balance between his life in Pittsburgh and his life/ relationship with Grace back in Buell. Billy accepts a settlement for his injuries from his time in prison and he decides to try to move forward with his life. Billy uses the money from the settlement to buy Grace the property they lived on. Grace uses this land to give herself new economic/ work opportunities. Meanwhile, Billy and Lee try to figure out their relationship with each other as they navigate their own futures. Lee has taken a job working as a paralegal at a law firm in Pittsburgh. Billy decides to move in with Isaac and Lee and Isaac helps Billy get back into shape. Isaac has decided to make a life for himself in Buell and is working for Landwill Energy. Isaac has fully embraced his sexuality and pursues new romantic situations. Virgil is still up to his old ways but finds a way to get money from Grace so he can pursue a new business opportunity. Steve Park has taken over for Del as the Chief of Police in Buell and is determined to take Del down and prove his connection to the crimes that happened in West Virginia. The town of Buell is rocked by more murders that creates chaos in the lives of all of its residents.

American Rust heads an eclectic slate of TV series debuts on Prime Video.

Ourika (March 28) is described as French “urban western” about a drug dealer and a police officer who go head-to-head during the 2005 Paris riots;

The Baxters (March 28) is a 10-episode Roma Downey family drama;

Hope on the Street (March 28) is a six-part docuseries featuring J-Hope of K-pop supergroup BTS; and,

My Lovely Yokai Girlfriend (March 22) is a young-adult romantic-horror-adventure-comedy series about a lonely college student and a yōkai who accidentally becomes bonded to him through a magical hex.

Here’s the rest of next month’s TV premieres:

  • Chicago PD S5-6 (March 1)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S19-20 (March 1)
  • Invincible S2, part 2 (March 14)
  • Beacon 23 (March 15)
  • Davey Jonsie’s Locker (March 22)
  • Tig Notaro: Hello Again (March 26).

New movies for March include:

  • Jacque Mate (March 1)
  • Ricky Stanicky (March 7)
  • Beautiful Wedding (March 8)
  • King of Killers (March 11)
  • Frida: A Self Portrait (March 14)
  • Road House (March 21)
  • Operation Valentine (March 22).
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2 Responses to “Prime Video Dusts off Rust for March”

  1. Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier '/' in /home/customer/www/ on line 66
    February 21, 2024 at 9:45 am

    American Rust wasn’t that riveting. I can understand why Showtime cancelled it. And I can’t see audiences going to Prime to watch it.

  2. I thought it the most overlooked show of the last couple of years: atmospheric and quietly compelling with excellent, empathetic leads.

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