Prime Video Rounds Up the Next Yellowstone

Yellowstone fans will need to subscribe to Prime Video to stream the next prequel, 1923.

Although Yellowstone streams on Neon (and screens on SoHo), Prime Video has the exclusive NZ rights to the first “origin” story, 1883, and the latest (which will stream on Paramount+ in other territories).

The next instalment of the Dutton saga, which will premiere on December 19, will dramatise how the mountain west of the early 20 century was afflicted by pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition and the Great Depression.

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren head a cast that includes Darren Mann (Animal Kingdom), Michelle Randolph (A Snow White Christmas), James Badge Dale (Hightown), Marley Shelton (Scream), Brian Geraghty (Big Sky), Aminah Nieves (Blueberry), Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones) and Timothy Dalton.

Unlike the limited series 1883, Deadline reports there will be two eight-episode seasons of 1923:

While the bulk of the action focuses on the construction of the sprawling Yellowstone ranch in Montana, the series is also shooting in South Africa, Tanzania, and Malta, to give a sense of the saga’s scope … We also hear that Sheridan is so drilled down into the Dutton ranch family dynasty behind Yellowstone that he is contemplating two separate limited series that encompass the struggle to hang onto the ranch in the 1940s and the 1960s.

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