Monday’s Primetime Battle Royale

Three will try to steal TVNZ 1’s royals coverage crown with its own Prince Harry interview on Monday night.

It will screen Anderson Cooper’s 60 Minutes interview with King Charles’ “spare” heir opposite TVNZ 1’s ITN exclusive, Harry: The Interview.

Moreover, Three’s coup will have a half-hour head-start on TVNZ 1’s: it will screen from 7.00 whereas the ITN special won’t premiere until 7.30,

Here’s the Warner Bros. Discovery media release:


7 January 2023 – Three and ThreeNow will be the FIRST New Zealand broadcaster to screen the highly anticipated Prince Harry interview with renowned US talk show host Anderson Cooper, in an exclusive and fast tracked premiere. Monday 9 January at 7pm.

The 60 Minutes interview is expected to discuss intimate details of the royal collapse shared in Prince Harry’s highly anticipated memoir ‘Spare’, released January 10.

This is the royal’s first US television one-on-one interview. Prince Harry is candid about his reason for speaking publicly, stating he has been trying to keep his conversations with the British royal family private, but to combat stories in the tabloids, he’s now been forced to make his concerns public.

Three and ThreeNow is committed to bringing New Zealanders both local and global stories first.

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17 Responses to “Monday’s Primetime Battle Royale”

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    January 7, 2023 at 2:57 pm

    The fight of the Harry interviews. Who will win 😂

  2. “How to drive audiences to watch paid-tv services,” a joint presentation by TVNZ and TV3.

  3. The sad thing is that both channels will rate extremely well. The better sex and the younger generation are probably be the target audience. I for one, was chuffed as for Harry and Megan when they got married, but now I couldn’t give a toss about them and would/will go out of my way to make sure they’re not supported financially. I wish that I could opt out of funding TVNZ, as I’ve done by cancelling Netflix. But hey.

  4. I quite like Harry so I’m thinking of getting his autobiography on Kindle, it depends on how much I like the sample 🤔

  5. Opt out of funding TVNZ? TVNZ gets all its funding from commercial advertising bar the NZ on Air money that funds some programmes.

  6. Are you saying that no taxpayers’ money goes to TVNZ (excluding NZ on Air)? Because this snippet is from TVNZ’s corporate site: Government funding is recognised initially as deferred income when there is reasonable assurance that it will be received and that TVNZ will comply with the conditions associated with the funding. Funding that compensates TVNZ for expenses incurred are recognised as income on a systematic basis in the same periods in which the expenses are recognised.

  7. TVNZ 1’s ITN special will skew to older viewers more whereas Three’s Anderson Cooper’s interview from CBS will appeal to younger viewers more. I reckon TVNZ 1 will win.

  8. That refers to TVNZ as a State Owned Enterprise and is required to pay a dividend to the government every year if the government accepts it. The website also states that TVNZ receives 90 per cent of its revenue from advertising. Stop making out TVNZ is some how fully funded by taxpayer like the BBC in Britain or ABC in Australia.

  9. I’m sure you got the gist of the point I was trying to make about not wanting to personally fund Harry and Megan’s agenda. Also it’s clear that you understand TVNZ’s ownership and funding structure better than me so I’ll stop (even though I never claimed it was fully funded) as you’ve requested. Cheers. This can be deleted in mod, I’d also like to apologise to Philip as I thoroughly enjoy this site and I’d hate to be someone who ruins it by getting into tit for tats.

  10. Far from ruining the site, Darren, your illuminating debate with Leo enhances it. Thanks to both of you for taking the trouble to comment civilly and in-depth. For what it’s worth, “Harry fatigue” appears to have hurt both interviews’ ratings in the UK and US. Just 4.1 million viewers watched Harry: The Interview on ITV, where it was out-rated by Happy Valley. And while 10 million watched the 60 Minutes interview on CBS, this was 7 million fewer than the Oprah interview generated.

  11. Who won the battle of the Harry interviews, Philip? I watched the one on Three. I was quite surprised it only went for 30 minutes 😁

  12. I was expecting one of the networks to declare themselves the winner yesterday, Trevor, but no word yet so will inquire …

  13. I don’t have the 25-54 ratings but Harry: The Interview reached 730,000 viewers aged 5+ with an average audience across the programme of 418,000 in the overnight ratings. Discovery’s 7pm Prince Harry: The 60 Minutes Interview reached 305,000 viewers and an average audience 179,000 across the 30-minute programme. (It only ran for 30 commercial minutes because the interview formed only one segment of the hour-long newsmag.)

  14. Better yet, tell us how many 000’s of people watched it on each channel of the 4.3m people in the 5+ demographic. If the UK is anything to go by, then 340,000 should have watched Harry: The Interview

  15. Btw, here are the 25-54 numbers (both channels chase this commercial demographic): Harry: The Interview reached 188,900 viewers with an average audience of 104,100; Prince Harry: The 60 Minutes Interview reached 108,900 with an average audience of 68,300.

  16. Looks like plenty of 5-24yos and 55+ watched the Harry interview on TVNZ 1!

  17. There are 1.4m people 55+ and 1.2m people 5-24. If 189,000 people 25-54 watched then that’s 10% of the potential audience. That implies that 20% of the potential 5-24 and 55+ audiences watched it. That’s huge. I’m surprised that Harry the Interview was better rated than Country Calendar does, but the propensity for people to watch trainwrecks is clearly larger than imagined.

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