Programming Alert: Three’s Live Labour Leadership Coverage

Three will interrupt its CRC Motorsport: Live Super Sprint MSNZ coverage this afternoon to cross to the Beehive for Chris Hipkins’ post-caucus press conference.

The caucus is expected to endorse Hipkins as its new leader and the country’s next Prime Minister in the wake of Jacinda Ardern’s shock resignation.

The coverage will run from 3pm-3.45pm, when Three will switch CRC: Motorsport to Eden, preempting Dr Lee: Alaska Vet.

The only downside for motorsport fans who don’t have terrestrial Freeview and rely on satellite reception or their Sky service is it won’t be in HD.

No word yet on TVNZ’s plans. Normally you would expect a breaking news event to pre-empt what was on TVNZ 1, which wouldn’t matter so much on a typical Sunday but today the network is screening Super Smash Men’s Cricket live.

So you might see TVNZ adopt a similar strategy and switch this over to Duke so TVNZ 1 can take the Beehive feed.

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9 Responses to “Programming Alert: Three’s Live Labour Leadership Coverage”

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    January 22, 2023 at 11:07 am

    WOW, a week ago there were no thoughts of a new Prime Minister and now here we are. I think Chris Hipkins will be an excellent Prime Minister although I was hoping for Kiri Allan 😁

  2. Without going into the constitutional nitty-gritty, Chris Hipkins has no mandate what so ever, especially if he changes the Government’s direction. The last election was an anomaly and turned out to be a referendum on Jacinda Ardern’s handling of the first lockdown. We deserve a snap election, even though it’ll probably not happen, as turkeys never vote for …

  3. I agree with you Trevor 100%

  4. AW, thanks for agreeing with me. It’s going to be so weird without Jacinda but, oh well, I guess life goes on. I really do hope Jacinda has plenty of happiness after the last 5 years, she deserves it 😁

  5. Once again Three is our default State Broadcaster. Surely questions must be raised about whether TVNZ is committed to bringing events of importance LIVE. Well done to Three for their coverage and their Thursday coverage. Sidenote, Philip: has the 4.30pm time slot improved or have the ratings dived since Newshub Live at 4.30pm’s axing?

  6. Yes, Leo, I was surprised TVNZ 1 didn’t pick up live coverage, too. Alas, my ratings info is dated because I haven’t been able to access the data since November. But comparing November to October, there was a ratings decline, albeit only a few tenths of a point.

  7. It’s like TVNZ care more about a cricket game than the future of New Zealand. Get your priorities right TVNZ 😁

  8. I think the NZ public probably care more about the cricket than NZ politics. I’d hazard the ratings for the cricket were better …

  9. Cheers for getting back to me. I guess the decline will still be financially viable than having an extra news bulletin. Hopefully another network takes up the 4.30 news mantle.

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