Race to Look Even More Amazing

Season 18 of The Amazing Race will be shot in HD.

The 17th is on-air in the US and this week The Hollywood Reporter revealed the next Race will be the first in HD.

The announcement comes two years after wilderness rival Survivor made the switch and two months after the long-running show’s Kiwi host, Phil Keoghan, expressed surprise it was still being made in SD.

“I would love to see the show in HD,” he told RealityBlurred. “I think it makes sense for the show to be in HD. I don’t really know all the reasons why it isn’t.

“But I would love to see the show in HD, and I do hear it a lot from fans. And I do think it is something that needs to come to the show. I think wide format, 16:9, and the HD is imperative.”

The CBS network’s excuses for not going HD earlier included the extra cost of outfitting crews worldwide with HD gear that was fragile and hard to repair in remote locations.

The overdue switchover coincides with TVNZ ramping up its HD capability, which means season 18 should air on TV2 in HD, too.

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