Reader Comments Update

“Am I the only one still not able to read comments?”

I wish that were so, Tony, but I’m afraid no one can post comments because something’s ‘broken’ within this site’s ageing infrastructure.

My webmaster is trying to fix it but the remedy appears to be an overhaul of the site that will take time and could see it sporadically go down for maintenance.

As frustrating as this is, I hope everyone will bear with me during the transition as the outcome should be a stronger and ‘shinier’ ScreenScribe.

In the meantime, here are some of the recent comments still in limbo:

➢ From Chris re HD Heads-Up: December 14 – 20: “Will there be anything new to watch over the next couple of months or will it be mostly repeats as always?”

➢ From Trevor re Three Unveils New-Season Slate: “I hope whoever buys Three will be able to include more variety of shows.”

And re New to Netflix in January: “Speaking of Jurassic Park there is a 38 second clip with Baby Yoda in it. It’s so damn hilarious and clever.”

➢ From Leo re HD Ratings: Q+A’s Future Questionable:  “Those Q+A ratings are terrible, I hope TVNZ gives it another go next year at 9.30pm with our own election plus the US one hopefully providing it with a ratings boost.”

➢ From Mike re Hot Off the Press Release: Prime HD Streaming on Freeview: “Might as well do it now. Still not economic but then nothing that the new CEO has done seems to be economic – Sky’s previous trajectory had it lasting as long as its new satellite contracts (a long slow grind down). Each new announcement from Sky seems to accelerate the business towards break-even and loss. The continued decline in share price suggests a shorter life than the newspapers – and that’s saying something.”

➢ From Clint re Hot Off the Press Release: Spark Scores Super Bowl: “Looks to be ultimately the same NFL package that TVNZ (Duke) had before not renewing last year.”

And re Network Movies in HD: December 14 – 20: “Sky are doing a Christmas Movies popup channel for Sky Starter subs from Dec 14 to Dec 27. Not on SkyGo.”

➢ From thx1138 re New to Blu: December 11 -18: “I don’t think any Tarantino films have been released in Atmos for home viewing?”

And re HD Ratings: Chernobyl Gambit Pays Off for Prime: “Good move kicking off Prime’s move to HD on Freeview with Chernobyl. Too many ad breaks though.”

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