Roseanne Returns to Three

The sitcom that helped to distinguish TV3 in the 1990s will make a comeback on Three the same week it screens in the US.

The next-generation Roseanne will air 7.30 Thursdays from March 29 — a day after its US debut — as the lead-in to Modern Family in its new 8.00 slot.

The first season in 22 years reunites the original cast, including Roseanne Barr, John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and Sara Gilbert.

“As with the original, the new Roseanne is most enjoyable when it focuses on the everyday life of the Conners,” Entertainment Weekly says.

“Gilbert’s delivery of Darlene’s brutal zingers remains deadpan perfection (‘The only reason you look younger than me is because you’re embalmed in Mike’s Hard Lemonade,’ she tells Becky); Metcalf balances her character’s exaggerated intensity with superb comic timing; and the old-married-couple chemistry between Barr and Goodman is still relaxed and believable.”

The magazine says the reboot “makes a joke out of ignoring pretty much everything from season 9 (Dan’s not dead!), but no other narrative acrobatics are required to bring the family back together”  …

Much has been made over Barr’s decision to have her alter ego be a Trump supporter, but in the episodes screened for critics, politics serve mainly as fodder for intra­familial ribbing: Jackie passive-aggressively brings a bottle of Russian dressing to dinner; Roseanne counters with “Aunt Jackie thinks every girl should grow up and be president, even if they’re a liar, liar, pantsuit on fire.” Mercifully, Jackie and Roseanne end their election feud in a tearful hug by the end of episode 1.

TV Line also thought the new series “pretty fantastic. In fact, the second episode — which largely revolves around Roseanne and Dan coming to terms with gender-fluid grandson Mark’s bold fashion choices — ranks among the show’s best ever.

“Brimming with acid-tinged one-liners, delivered by deeply flawed characters who are just trying to do the right thing, the smart, bold and riotous half-hour serves as a glorious reminder of why the original Roseanne was a groundbreaking TV phenomenon in the first place.”

But USA Today wasn’t as impressed: “Thirty years later, ABC’s revival (★★ out of four) isn’t revolutionary. In fact, the series feels as though it’s frozen in time. The cast is the same. The house is the same. The fat jokes are the same. The struggle is the same. All that’s changed is their age.”

For those who remember its ’90s run, here are “nine things you need to know” about the revival, including daughter Becky now being a widow because Glenn Quinn, who played the character’s husband in the original show, did pass away.

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    March 16, 2018 at 5:35 pm

    If MediaWorks can do spin-offs, TVNZ 2 can look at doing the same but way better, as in series drama and soaps, and get one up on Three.

  2. Dumped 9JKL in the middle of the season as all networks do …

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