Samsung to Sell 3DTV “Dirt Cheap” in Oz

Samsung has yet to disclose the NZ pricing of its 2010 range of LCD-LED and plasma TVs but chances are it will be as aggressive as Australia’s.

This week the Korean consumer electronics giant shocked competitors across the Tasman when it announced that as of next week it would start bundling a 50-inch 3D plasma and Blu-ray player with a 3D copy of Monsters vs Aliens for what one trade publication dubbed the “dirt cheap” price of $A3,300.

Smarthouse predicts it will be the start of a 3DTV price war that will force rivals like Panasonic and Sony to reconsider their retailing strategies.

Meanwhile, CNET has just published its first review of a Samsung 3DTV, praising the “superb features, solid performance, and unique style” while lamenting the immaturity of 3D technology and shortcomings in the 2D picture quality.

Sound & Vision magazine has reviewed Samsung’s first 3D Blu-ray player and also provides an excellent overview of the technology’s strengths and prospects as well content that’s in the works.

Lastly, check out CNET Australia’s take on the Samsung launch and CNET Asia’s round-up of all the 3D models likely to go on sale in this part of the world.

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