Samsung Unveils Specs and Prices of New A/V Range

Samsung NZ’s range of TVs and soundbars for 2023 includes a 98-inch 4K Neo QLED behemoth, an 8K option in three screen sizes and two QD-OLED series in 55-, 65- and 77-inch models.

Here’s the full line-up with recommended pricing and media release:

QLED range Recommended retail price:

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV (QN900C) is available in 85-inches, 75-inches, and 65-inches.

  • 85-inches RRP: $17,999.95
  • 75-inches RRP: $14,999.95
  • 65-inches RRP: $10,999.95

Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV QN90C (43-inches, 50-inches, 55-inches, 65-inches, 75-inches, 85-inches)

  • 85-inches RRP: $10,999.95
  • 75-inches RRP: $7,999.95
  • 65-inches RRP: $5,799.95
  • 55-inches RRP: $4,499.95
  • 50-inches RRP: $3,799.95
  • 43-inches RRP: $2,999.95

Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV QN85C (55-inches, 65-inches, 75-inches, 85-inches)

  • 85-inches RRP: $9,499.95
  • 75-inches RRP: $6,999.95
  • 65-inches RRP: $4,899.95
  • 55-inches RRP: $3,899.95

Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV Q80C (55-inches, 65-inches, 75-inches, 85-inches, 98-inches)

  • 98-inches RRP: $14,999.95
  • 85-inches RRP: $8,299.95
  • 75-inches RRP: $6,299.95
  • 65-inches RRP: $4,299.95
  • 55-inches RRP: $3,599.95

Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV Q70C (55-inches, 65-inches, 75-inches, 85-inches)

  • 85-inches RRP: $7,299.95
  • 75-inches RRP: $5,499.95
  • 65-inches RRP: $3,799.95
  • 55-inches RRP: $3,099.95

Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV Q60C (55-inches, 65-inches, 75-inches, 85-inches)

  • 85-inches RRP: $6,299.95
  • 75-inches RRP: $4,699.95
  • 65-inches RRP: $3,299.95
  • 55-inches RRP: $2,599.95

OLED range Recommended Retail Price

Samsung OLED 4K S95C (55-inches, 65-inches, 77-inches)

  • 77-inches RRP: $12,999.95
  • 65-inches RRP: $7,499.95
  • 55-inches RRP: $6,099.95

Samsung OLED 4K S90C (55-inches, 65-inches, 77-inches)

  • 77-inches RRP: $10,999.95
  • 65-inches RRP: $6,199.95
  • 55-inches RRP: $5,099.95

Samsung Unveils its 2023 Lineup of TVs, Showcasing Premium Viewing with Wow Factor

Samsung’s TV lineup for 2023 offers variety within premium viewing experiences, superior picture quality, and advanced features with More WOW than Ever

Samsung New Zealand today unveils its 2023 lineup of Neo QLED 4K and 8K, Samsung OLED and Soundbars, showcasing the latest innovations in premium viewing across a wider range.

With a focus on enhancing the user experience by making complex technologies more intuitive and seamlessly integrated into people’s lives, innovations within design, display and sound respond to the needs of Kiwi consumers, all while delivering on Samsung’s impeccable quality.

“Kiwis need TVs that respond to their diverse needs and enhance their lives. With this year’s lineup, we seek to make premium viewing experiences more accessible and tailored to these diverse homes and lifestyles,” says Ryan Jolly, Head of TV Sales at Samsung New Zealand. 

“Whether they are gamers or movie buffs seeking screens with high refresh rates and clear contrast, or consumers after a more everyday television that will blend into their interior and produce good quality sound and picture quality, TVs need to exist as part of the home experience in a seamless and intuitive way.”

Committed to delivering innovative products and features designed to ‘WOW’, Samsung’s 2023 AV range offers a variety of premium home viewing solutions, empowering consumers to choose a display that truly suits their needs and living spaces. 

More Choice among Premium Screens: Samsung Neo QLED 8K & 4K and Samsung OLED


Samsung’s latest suite of Neo QLED televisions provides consumers with premium options that suit every need. 

Neo QLED picture quality is powered by Samsung’s advanced Neural Quantum Processor, with 14-bit processing and AI upscaling, enabling features such as Shape Adaptive Light Control and Real Depth Enhancer Pro for a three-dimensional, lifelike picture.

The newest evolution of Neo QLED comes with Quantum Matrix Technology, which precisely controls the exclusive new Quantum Mini LEDs. With accurate ultra-fine light control, viewers can enjoy great detail in both the darkest and brightest scenes. 

The company also added a 98-inch model to its Neo QLED 4K lineup, providing immaculate colour reproduction and realistic level of details in a scale that offers true cinematic experience. It offers upgraded sound with Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony 3.0 to further envelope viewers in every single scene.

Samsung’s 2023 Neo QLEDs also go beyond just a clear picture, with a high-resolution panel and Samsung’s proprietary algorithm that powers Samsung’s new Auto HDR Remastering. It uses AI deep learning technology to analyse and apply real-time High Dynamic Range (HDR) effects on Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) content on a scene-by-scene basis, making SDR content brighter and livelier for absolute immersion.

Ground-breaking technology integrated into the QN900C is impressing industry experts and reviewers alike. With the QN900C 8K offering rated highly by TechRadar, the “gloriously detailed picture” is set to amaze. With exceptional upscaling of 4K content, there is more WOW than ever in 4k picture quality and evolution in realism and contrast. 

Anti-reflection technology minimises glare from affecting perfect viewing experience – no matter where they are, viewers can have a brilliant viewing experience, any time of the day. 

With smooth and flowing motions in even fast-paced images on the big screen, Neo QLED 8K and 4K not only bring video and photo content to life in ultra-high resolution but can also bring screen experiences like gaming to a whole new level. An exceptionally high refresh rate of 4K 144Hz, means that gaming on a Neo QLED provides an incomparable level of immersive gameplay, supporting both 8K and 4K resolution at a fast pace. 

Samsung OLED

Samsung’s 2023 offering presents an advanced OLED rich in colour and deep in black, available in even more viewing options and arguable Samsung’s sleekest TV design ever.

Now available in 55, 65 and the new ultra-large 77-inch models powered by second-generation panels, 2023’s OLED lineup comes with Quantum Dot technology. Developed for Samsung’s Neo QLEDs and Neural Quantum Processors to retain OLED technology’s core strengths, Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology simultaneously improves brightness and colour representation. 

The minimalist Infinity One and LaserSlim design blends Samsung OLED seamlessly into any interior. Presenting the slimmest design Samsung has ever created, OLED’s stylish design presents minimalism alongside strong functionality. Despite the ultra slim panel, Samsung OLED produces powerful sound with embedded multi-channel speakers including a real top speaker channel. When paired with Samsung’s proprietary OTS+ technology and Dolby Atmos, it provides a truly three dimensional soundscape with superb sound quality. 

Samsung’s 2023 OLED lineup offers immaculate colour accuracy through Neural Quantum Processor 4K’s perceptional colour mapping – making Samsung OLED the “World’s First Pantone-Validated HDR OLED.” 

In fact, Samsung OLED boasts true blacks and stunningly natural pictures with perfect contrast and colour expression. The S95C features Samsung’s signature Infinity One design, and the LaserSlim design of the S90C model adds a touch of sophisticated metal finish. 

The expanded lineup also comes with a 144Hz refresh rate and all of Samsung’s smart features, including Samsung TV+ and Xbox Games Pass. For the first time on an OLED TV, Samsung OLEDs come with AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro certification for the ultimate OLED gaming experience.

Powerful Audio Features to Enhance Viewing Experience

Viewers can complete the premium viewing set up with ultra-immersive audio. While Samsung TVs come with impressive built-in speakers, they also have powerful audio features and devices to enhance the viewing experience for something truly cinematic. 

  • AI Sound Remastering: In 2023, Samsung’s flagship TV and Soundbar offer Sound Remastering, which utilises AI to remaster each sound object to ensure voices are clear, environmental sounds are totally enveloping and that each component is just the right volume. 
  • Q-Symphony: A new iteration of harmony between the TV and Soundbar, 2023 new Q-Symphony will provide vastly evolved sound for which the Soundbar taps into the TV’s Neural Processing Unit to analyse audio signals and process each sound for more detail than ever before.
  • OTS+: An AI motion tracker, OTS+ analyses each scene and optimises the sound accordingly. Moving according to the motions on the screen, OTS+ sound allows viewers to experience a dynamic 3D surround sound effect that tracks with the motion on the screen, allowing complete immersion.
  • New Soundbars: Samsung Soundbars, including the premium Q-series lineup, are expertly crafted and fine-tuned for powerful and captivating sound quality, enhanced compatibility with TVs, and streamlined, modern design. Features such as SpaceFit Sound have been
    • praised by customers and reviewers for calibrating sounds to fit the acoustic properties of each space for tailor-made sound experiences.
    • Samsung’s flagship HW-Q990C Soundbar offers an 11.1.4 channel true Dolby ATMOS sound with 4.0.2 channel of wireless surround speakers, along with the main body and a subwoofer. These physical speaker channels provide true cinematic sound quality. 
    • Paired together, Samsung TVs and Soundbars offer Wireless Dolby Atmos via Wi-Fi connection. The only brand in the industry to adopt this truly wireless experience, Samsung allows customers to experience high quality surround sound and a richer, more immersive sound experience – without cables. 
    • In addition to the flagship Soundbar, HW-Q990C, with 11.1.4 channel sound supporting Dolby Atmos, the ultra-slim HW-S800B offers powerful enveloping sound in Dolby Atmos from a 3.1.2 channel device that is just 40mm tall and 38mm deep. It is easily placed with any TV and still offers clear sound with punchy bass. 

    In 2023, by pairing Samsung TV’s with Samsung Soundbars, these devices will offer the most powerful, customisable and personalised ecosystem available to date.

    Commitment to Everyday Sustainability and Accessibility

    Samsung is committed to delivering innovative tech and eco-conscious practices that make life easier and better for all users. Throughout the product lifecycle, from product sourcing to production, distribution and use, Samsung is increasing sustainability and accessibility, utilising various technologies to create sustainable products that contribute to building a healthier planet for future generations, able to be enjoyed by all Kiwis.  

    • Samsung’s 2023 TVs, monitors, and remote controls use recycled resin made of at least 50% recycled materials and product packaging uses 90% less ink, while also removing the staples during production.
    • In addition, Samsung has made significant efforts to ensure it is offering sustainable packaging from the box to all the wrapping inside. Specifically designed to be upcycled into various household items, you can do your bit to create beautifully designed items – from a bookshelf to a cathouse – to use within the home.
    • Samsung has also developed AI Energy Mode that helps users monitor energy consumption and usage patterns, putting them in control of themselves. AI Energy Mode feature even analyses the content playing on the screen to reduce power consumption without distracting from the content. 
    • Samsung’s third generations SolarCell Remote uses fewer materials and is more compact. It is also free of licensing, allowing any manufacturer to join Samsung on the journey in making the world a more eco-conscious place. RF (Radio Frequency) power harvesting within the SolarCell remote also uses 2.4GHz signals from the Wi-Fi router within the home, allowing a battery-free experience that recycles energy. 
    • Close captions have also seen improvements in accessibility, now adapting to the picture on screen, to allow clear reading, regardless of the picture background. Aligning with Samsung’s core values of creating tech that is both sustainable and accessible to all, consumers can find comfort in knowing they can enjoy content without barriers. 

Samsung has underscored its commitment to creating a better viewing experience for all with its latest Relumino mode. Relumino mode is designed to help people with visual impairments watch content more easily and has been awarded with the 2023 CES Innovation Award. 

Buy with Confidence

Kiwis can buy with confidence from Samsung, the Global No.1 TV brand for 17 years running and Samsung Soundbar ranking number no.1 in Global Sales for 9 consecutive years. Groundbreaking technologies across the range have also impressed industry experts and reviewers alike, with the QN900C 8K offering rated highly by TechRadar, and Samsung 77” OLED S95C pinned as the Best TV at CES 2023 by The Verge. 

To learn more about this year’s TV and monitor lineup, please visit 

  • 1 When connected to an external PC, refresh rate when connected to next generation gaming console is 120Hz
  • 2 Pantone is a global authority in colour, providing a standardised system relied on by over 10 million designers and producers worldwide. PANTONE Validate provides validation on accurate expression of 2,030 PANTONE colours and 110 skin tone shades. Source: 
  • 3 When connected to an external PC, refresh rate when connected to next generation gaming console is 120Hz
  • 4 AI Sound Remastering capability available when pairing Samsung TV with Samsung Soundbar. Samsung Soundbar sold separately
  • 5 Q-Symphony capability available when pairing Samsung TV with Samsung Soundbar. Samsung Soundbar sold separately
  • 6 Resin contains a minimum of 50% recycled content. (Environmental Claim Validation Procedure, UL 2809 5th Edition)
  • 7 Relumino Mode is applied for TV models QN80C, QN90C, QN800C, QN900C and works on sources provided through DTV and HDMI only.
  • 8 Source: Omedia, Jan-2023. Based on overall TV market share by manufacturer on an annual unit & revenue basis.
  • 9 Source: FutureSource Consulting, February 2023
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