Schedule Alert: Networks Update QEII Line-ups

TVNZ 1 is devoting today’s schedule to the death of Queen Elizabeth II and has programmed a raft of specials and documentaries for tomorrow.

Today’s all-day coverage is being helmed by the 1 News presenting team, who are crossing to reporters at home and abroad, including Europe correspondent Mei Heron

Says TVNZ: “1 News will continue to follow the passing of Her Majesty across the weekend, and special documentary programming has been scheduled to commemorate her legacy.

“TVNZ 2 and Duke will broadcast their regular schedule and other programming options remain available on TVNZ+.”

TVNZ 1’s coverage is by far the most extensive of the networks’. Three has pre-empted daytime programming to cover her passing and was going to revert to its prime-time schedule with Newshub Live at 6.00 until it was decided this afternoon to extend The Project from 7.00-8.00 and pre-empt the rest of the night’s schedule for the ad-free four-hour Remembering Queen Elizabeth II.

Infomericals will air until 4.55am, when King Charles III Address will screen ad-free.

Prime has scheduled the two-part documentary Elizabeth I and II: The Golden Queens, which compares the two monarchs’ enduring reigns, at 9.00 tonight and 7.30 tomorrow.

And Sky will stream Our Queen at War and A Royal Night Out on Sky Go as well as a range of commemorative programming across its channels.

TVNZ 1’s normal service will resume at midnight, with repeats of Shortland Street and Schitt’s Creek, and infomercials.

Here’s TVNZ 1’s QEII line-up for the weekend:


7am: 1 News Special

7.30am-9.30am: Live BBC News Coverage

1.00-6.00: 1 News Special

7.00: The Queen: Mother and Monarch
How Queen Elizabeth II balanced her duties as head of both her family and her country.

8.05: A Tribute to Her Majesty the Queen
Featuring special interviews with her children and those who have worked with her and public figures.

9.35: Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen
Offering a glimpse into a rarely seen side of The Royal Family: The Queen’s life as a young princess in her own eyes and own words.

10.50: The Royals Revealed
Examines the significant highs and lows of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip’s partnership and their consistent devotion to duty, monarchy and marriage for over 70 years.

Midnight: The Royals Declassified
From the domineering Churchill, to the relaxed informality of Wilson and the hectoring of Thatcher – what did the Queen really think of her Prime Minister?


8am:  Q+A with Jack Tame (2 hours)

10am: Marae (1 hour)

11am: The Age of Elizabeth
This documentary looks at just how radically that world changed in the Age of Elizabeth – and how this quietly conservative woman with a profound sense of duty managed to become an international icon.

Midday: 1 News Special (1 hour).

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9 Responses to “Schedule Alert: Networks Update QEII Line-ups”

  1. Think I will be watching Disney+ or Prime Video ?

  2. Was hoping at least one site I can avoid Queen. Guess not. Three has disrupted normal schedule, too.

  3. Will TVNZ carry the King’s Speech live as well, Philip?

  4. I imagine so, Leo, but it hasn’t confirmed this. However, Three has.

  5. I think we can all lose a day’s programming to a public servant who has given over 70 years of loyal service. I personally can live without She-Hulk for a day …

  6. Cheers Philip, it was also carried LIVE on TVNZ. It would be nice if the networks made it clear they would carry all coverage instead of stating they would return to informercials. Three carried on with Royal coverage until the Newshub Nation special.

  7. Real life beats reality shows and Marvel any day 😀

  8. Any truth to the rumours doing the rounds Philip that the Royal coverage didn’t set the world on fire on Friday/Saturday? Apparently numbers were fine but not out of the ordinary.

  9. That’s about the size of it, Clint. Hope to post analysis later today …

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