Schedule Watch: Prime Fast Tracks Obama Interview

Prime will screen the 60 Minutes interview with Barack Obama on Sunday.

An Hour With President Obama will air at 9.30, pushing back NCIS to 10.30 (instead of a double-episode, only one will air).

Kudos to the channel for screening the interview within a week of CBS (where it boosted the newsmag’s ratings), even if it was merely to promote Obama’s new book.

If only Prime would close the gap generally between NZ and US broadcasts of 60 Minutes (12.30am Mondays), from two-to-three months to two-to-three weeks.

In other scheduling changes, Three is pulling Ultimate Tag from 7.30 Thursdays.

A new episode of Grand Designs UK: Revisited will screen tomorrow and repeats of season three of Grand Designs NZ will fill the slot from next week.

Ultimate Tag, meanwhile, has been relegated to 11.05 Fridays.

Three also will replace Tuesday’s season eight premiere of The Blacklist with an NCIS: LA re-run.

No word yet on when The Blacklist, which resumed last week in the US, will resurface.

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2 Responses to “Schedule Watch: Prime Fast Tracks Obama Interview”

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    November 19, 2020 at 4:54 pm

    Thanx. I was wondering when and if The Blacklist was going to surface here. Guess I’ll just have to keep checking Netflix.

  2. Hey, Paul W. Havejust posted this update. There good news about the Netflix stream is it’s in 4K; the bad news is I don’t think the eps will go online here until after its Three broadcast.

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