Scorsese Sensation Soon to Stream

Apple TV+ will stream its original movie Killers of the Flower Moon from January 12 — three months after it first hit NZ cinema screens.

Apple has theatrically released previous originals but the window between exhibition and streaming has never been this long.

Normally it’s around 45 days but this is closer to what was the norm pre-streaming and pre-Covid.

It’s due partly to streamers changing strategic direction and to timing, with Martin Scorsese’s dramatisation of how oil-rich Osage Indians were murdered in 1920s Oklahoma shaping up to dominate the Oscars.

Already it’s been honoured as the Best Film of the Year by the National Board of Review, received 12 Critics Choice Award nominations and seven Golden Globe Award nominations, and named to the American Film Institute’s list of Motion Pictures of the Year.

The New York Times and The New Yorker selected it as the No. 1 Best Film of 2023 as did more than 20 critics groups globally.

“It hits the streaming service right in the awards season wheelhouse, and it is considered a frontrunner,” Deadline says. Moreover:

Apple’s rollout of the film, starting with a Cannes premiere and then a full global theatrical release by Paramount, sets an intriguing template for big budget streamer films going forward.

The Leonardo DiCaprio-Robert De Niro movie has earned $US156 million globally, including $1.2 million in NZ.

“Until now, Apple’s films were streaming-first,” the New York Times reported the weekend of the movie’s release in October. “But Killers of the Flower Moon won’t reach its streaming service, Apple TV+, for at least 45 days.

“It is Apple’s clearest embrace of movie theatres since the start of Apple TV+ four years ago, and the first of three major theatrical releases from the company scheduled for the next six months.”

Once a strategy for critical kudos, streamers are increasingly using high-profile multiplex releases to generate buzz and drive subscriptions.

“This certainly signals a transition period for [Apple] in terms of how they’re going to approach content, especially with big prestigious productions and A-plus list talent like Leonardo DiCaprio and Marin Scorsese,” Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at Boxoffice Pro, told Yahoo Finance.

Initially Killers was planned as a limited release in a handful of cinemas, in line with earlier Originals, but then Apple opted to go wide around the world. Reported Variety:

A splashy wide release could benefit Killers at a time when movies of all scopes and budget ranges have struggled to pop in limited release, the only notable winner since the pandemic being Oscar winner Everything Everywhere All at Once. Apple and Paramount will likely gain more momentum with a strong global push.

Still no word on when another Apple Original, Napoleon, which Sony’s released internationally, will land on the streamer.

It opened here six weeks ago and so far has grossed $1.6 million.

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  1. Are you guys watching Reacher on Prime Video? I loved season 1 and season 2 is just as good. I see it’s number 1 in New Zealand 😁

  2. Happy New Year. I wonder if that means a new name? It would be brilliant having Paramount movies and shows as well with Warner Bros and Discovery 😁

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