Shoot-’em-Up At Last Shows Up

Yahoo! Yellowstone prequel 1883 at last is set to ride the range here.

The top-rating origins western will stream, hopefully in 4K-UHD, on Prime Video from April 29.

The streamer’s deal with Paramount is surprising given the distributor has key pacts with Sky and TVNZ.

The former already screens Yellowstone on SoHo and Prime while the latter is virtually a Paramount+ proxy platform, with many of the US streamer’s series popping up on its OnDemand service.

When I asked TVNZ about the prospect of 1883 and another strangely absent series Mayor of Kingstown streaming OnDemand, the reply was: “1883 and Mayor of Kingstown are not a part of our ViacomCBS agreement – both of these shows are made for Paramount+ but not by them.”

In any event, 1883 promises to be the best news for TV western fans since Netflix’s Godless.

The shoot-’em-up was widely praised, scoring an 83% critics’ rating on the Rotten Tomatoes site, and proving a big hit for the Paramount Network and P+.

Reported Variety of its December premiere: “As Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone universe expands, so does its audience.

“After Yellowstone’s Season 4 premiere in November soared to 14.7 million viewers — an impressive feat in today’s bleak linear TV landscape — 1883, the neo-western prequel, had the biggest new series premiere on cable since 2015 …

“In addition, 1883 broke ground as Paramount Plus’ most-watched original series premiere ever.”

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4 Responses to “Shoot-’em-Up At Last Shows Up”

  1. Interesting. I was a late starter on Yellowstone but have mowed through the first 3 seasons. Giving myself a breather before I catch up completely. On the note of shows that haven’t got a home here yet Phil, any idea on Tokyo Vice? Another HBO Max show to be a NZ no-show a la Hacks?

  2. No news on Tokyo Vice yet Clint but will let you know as soon as Sky advises. I have some good news about Hacks, which I’ll post shortly …

  3. Hey, Clint, Sky says Tokyo Vice isn’t on its schedules, which means it hasn’t licensed the series. While it streams on HBO Max in the US, it’s being distributed worldwide by Endeavor Content, so could end up on TVNZ (like Killing Eve) or another streaming service. In Australia, it will stream on Paramount+. Prime Video is a possibility here given Endeavor’s Conversation With Friends will stream next month on the service.

  4. Thanks for checking Philip…bit of a shame if it ends up here it will be a while away. Will keep an eye out!

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